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Why Foundation Separates on Your Nose & How To Fix It!

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Have you ever applied the foundation perfectly only to find later it looks uneven on your nose? Well, you aren’t the only one, this happens to be a common problem while doing makeup. It becomes extremely frustrating to see all the time you spent on makeup and even then it doesn’t look well-blended. In this article, we will talk about why foundation separates on your nose and how to fix this problem!

Why Does Foundation Separate From Your Nose?

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know its cause. The main culprit behind the foundation staying unblended on your nose is the excess oil and sebum in this area. Sebaceous glands are responsible for creating a high concentration of oil to keep it moisturized. If you don’t cleanse and exfoliate your skin daily then the oil will start settling into the skin’s pores. After that whenever you will apply foundation on your nose, the content of the product will mix with natural oils and also stuck in the open skin pores. This will make the foundation on the nose appear different from than rest of the face.

Another reason behind the foundation not blending in properly is the shape of the nose and how much foundation it requires. A nose is a curved surface with bumps and creases, this is why it takes a bit of practice to apply foundation on it evenly. However, there are thousands of YouTube Tutorials by many famous Makeup Gurus on how to contour your exact nose shape properly. Most of the time the issue is just an uncleaned nose.

5 Quick Steps To Blend Foundation Well On Your Nose

You have now understood the problem that stops your makeup from looking flawless. Let’’s discuss what are the steps that can prevent the foundation from separating on your nose.

Cleanse and Exfoliate Your Nose

This step is of utmost importance. Thoroughly cleanse your nose to remove any sebum, dirt, and oil with a gentle cleanser. Then exfoliate it to get the stubborn build-up out of your pores. If you don’t have a toner then you can also use micellar water to complete the routine. It’s best to exfoliate the skin two to three times a week, doing it daily will make the skin extremely dry.

Use a Primer

Using a primer will make it easier for you to spread the foundation evenly with easy. It will make the whole process of blending go smoothly, you won’t have to tug on the skin harshly. A primer will also help with controlling the excess oil. The foundation will stay in place for a much longer time with primer. Take a small amount of primer and apply it on the nose, if you want a recommendation then use the Maybelline Pore Eraser Primer which I have also reviewed.

Pick the Right Foundation

Nothing will save your makeup if you choose the wrong foundation. From its color to its texture, you need to pick the base that’s suitable for your skin. If you are especially struggling with oily skin then buy a foundation that has a matte finish and is completely oil-free. You can also try powder foundation, it is also great for absorbing excess oil and keeping your foundation in place.

Avoid Using Fingers To Blend

For a completely even and smooth matte finish it is best to use a sponge or brush for blending. Finger blending is only advised for people who like a natural finish with a bit of texture. Using the right brush will help blend the foundation evenly and prevent separation. Start by applying the product on the center of your nose and then blend it outwards.

Powder Setting Is Must

A powder setting is important to keep, the makeup in place. For a quick demonstration, you can check Rihanna’s Superbowl performance. Setting the foundation will absorb the excess oil and product and lock it in place. Use a translucent powder and lightly tap it on your nose with a small brush.

In conclusion, foundation separation on the nose isn’t an unfixable problem. Correct makeup technique and practice are all you need to do makeup like a pro. Keeping your nose squeaky clean is a must otherwise due to build-up oil residue and open pores, the foundation will look unblended. Remember that perfecting the makeup steps take time. It is an art and will only benefit you once you have learned it properly.

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