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The record-breaking VicenzaOro shows why they are Europe’s leading jewelry trade show.

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The record-breaking VicenzaOro shows why they are Europe’s leading jewelry trade show.

The term “record-breaking” sounds so promising! VicenzaOro, the January 2023 Discover More Edition, was a huge success. Does this mean that 2023 will be the best year in jewelry sales? Discover more:

During my flight the day before the show, from Amsterdam to Venice, I noticed how many Dutch jewelers were boarding. Usually, it is the Schaap & Citroen crew and myself boarding along the weekend tourists heading to Venice. A harbinger of what was about to happen. On Friday, the opening day, it was crazy busy from the moment the show opened its doors. 

It surprised me to an extent. I knew many of my coaching and consultancy clients had outperformed Christmas sales compared to an already booming 2021 holiday season. But still, inflation causes less disposable spending, and energy prices are rocketing.

Animal jewelry by Angry Gioielli

We have a war in Europe, and Russia’s actions have become less predictable, causing a lot of guessing and worrying. Tech companies are firing their staff, and the weak spot of unregulated crypto has caused a bear market. 

The jewelry industry is like the canary in the coal mine. When things are about to go sideways, we lose sales rapidly. No one needs jewelry to survive, and it’s regarded as obsolete in difficult times. How come the world’s worries don’t affect our industry as much? Or better: how come our industry is thriving?


Fabergé Ear Cuff, Game of Thrones

According to Marco Carniello, Global Exhibition Director of Jewellery & Fashion at IEG (the Italian Exhihibtion Group, organizer of the VicenzaOro show), the explanation of why jewelry (and watches and luxury) is doing so great right now is complex. 

The shockwaves sent worldwide in the past years, where we had to deal globally with enormous challenges, changed how we think about today. We see the YOLO effect at large (You Only Live Once). People no longer seem to postpone certain acquisitions, such as jewelry.

On top of that: purchasing a jewel or a watch can be an asset. Something that holds or increases in value over time. Whereas a car, for example, loses value as soon as it leaves the dealer. 


Wallis Hong jewelry

Paola de Luca, an often quoted Trendwatcher on this blog and a personal friend, gave once again a glimpse into the near future. She emphasizes that the future isn’t tomorrow but is happening right now. 

Her presentation, with various guest speakers, introduced Dreamscapes, a fusion between virtual and reality in jewelry. A world of which she spoke in September, among other predictions for the future. 

The challenge with these presentations is: what can the listener take away from it and apply tomorrow in their work? Most guest speakers managed to take that pragmatic approach into account; for the informed listener, there were some great examples and takeaways.

The main message was this one: make no mistake, dear jewelry people, of dismissing metaverse and digital/ virtual jewelry as something for gamers only. It will be a massive revolution in how we experience, sell, market, and create jewelry in the upcoming decade. Just like the rise of social media 10-15 years ago.


Everyone always loves to know: what did you spot? Hoping for a hidden trend, an insight, a tip of the veil. The most significant trend I spotted is color. Galvanic-treated gold, titanium, and enamel are hot. But gemstones are really stealing the show. Especially colored gemstones and even diamonds; it’s all about color. 

A more daring, brighter approach in jewelry, often a touch bolder and bigger than before. The optimism of a post-pandemic world? A feeling of Carpe Diem even? 


With Alice Cicolini, Katerina Perez, Laura Bicego, and Salima Thakker

The #goldenteam of VicenzaOro is on a mission. Every edition is better than the one before. New formats are tried out and measured, and investments into digital and technological solutions are made. Once upon a time, the show had a different approach to its visitors, playing the monopolist role. Today, under the guidance of Marco Carniello and his team, the show is run as a business. A modern company in a somewhat dated building that will see significant renovations in 2024. A company that knows that marketing today is about adding value to the consumer: resolving problems they may have with their offering of services. 

Chinese NewYear celebrations, during the show

VicenzaOro proved once again to be the absolute leader of European jewelry trade shows. The most important exhibition for Made in Italy jewelry, underlined by the presence of the Italian Minister Adolfo Urso (Enterprises and Mady in Italy). There is much reason for optimism for the jewelry industry, but we should remain cautious. The world is constantly changing, and we must stay vigilant and flexible. One way to keep informed and connected is by visiting great international jewelry shows like VicenzaOro.


Jewelry people: Maria Luisa Pianegonda, Blingis (the sisters: Katarzyna & Agata), Duvall O’Steen, Aneta Bliss

Key numbers;

+1300 exhibitors ( record in its 70 years of existence)

+105% visitors from abroad

+11,5% visitors since 2019

visitors from 136 countries flew to visit the show

54,5% of European visitors

An increasing number of visitors from South America and Africa.


The next show is September 8th-12th-2023. 

Don’t miss it! 





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