July 14, 2024


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Zendaya’s Favorite Curl Products Are Up To 60-Percent Off

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Zendaya’s Favorite Curl Products Are Up To 60-Percent Off

Whether it’s their red carpet looks or stunning on-screen features, we’re always looking out for the products behind our favorite celebrities’ most famous beauty moments. Odds are, if one of our most loved celebs likes a brand, we will too, and Carol’s Daughter is one such brand that has gotten lots of love from A-lister’s everywhere in recent years. Whether it’s Zendaya, Storm Reid or Aldis Hodge, stars of all ages and genders love Carol’s Daughter. For anyone looking to upgrade their hair-care routine to A-list level, here are some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities’ favorite Carol’s Daughter products that are on sale for a limited time.

“I’ve used a bunch of edge controls lately, but this one works really well,” says Emmy-award winning Euphoria star, Zendaya, on Carol’s Daughter’s Black Vanilla Edge Control ($8). The actress raved about the product on her website, and the product is known to not only smooth edges but also replenish and moisturize hair while it holds. Zendaya’s co-star and on-screen baby sis, Storm Reid, is also a Carol’s Daughter fan. The 19-year-old celeb told Byrdie that the brand’s Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner Spray ($11) is one of her favorite hair-care products. “It smells so good. It leaves my hair nice and soft, and moisturized,” she says, “I use it when I have braids but also when I do a wash day and have to detangle my hair. My curls are popping, and I don’t have any tangles. It’s a great product.”

Star of TNT’s Leverage, Aldis Hodge, has also proclaimed his love for Carol’s Daughter products, including their Goddess Strength Scalp & Hair Oil ($12) as part of his “10 Things Aldis Hodge Can’t Live Without” video for GQ. Hodge explains in the video that he suffers from dandruff and dry skin, especially on his scalp, and that this product really does the trick for him. “Carol, we’ve never met,” he begins, “but whatever you and your daughter be making, I really appreciate your work.”

Not only are these healthy-hair essentials A-list approved, they’re also on sale for a limited time. Right now, you can receive up to 60 percent-off your order from Carol’s Daughter as part of their Flash Sale. You won’t want to miss your chance to get huge discounts on these celeb favorites, so we suggest you get shopping ASAP—I mean, who doesn’t want hair like Zendaya?