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Wiccan pendant: a 7 pointed star

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Wiccan pendant: a 7 pointed star

Esotericism or Wicca is concerned with shapes and symbols as well as the power of stones and nature in general.

So that it is particularly suitable as a subject for jewelry combining both esoteric symbols and natural stones.

We present you the manufacture of an esoteric pendant made of solid silver and gemstones according to the indications of a customer who has created her own jewelry design via our dedicated service.

It is a pendant 50 mm in diameter with two heptagrams, one is inscribed in the other and 8 stones set around the periphery and the center of the pendant.

The central moonstone of the pendant is bigger than the others.

esoteric pendant in silver and stones

Wiccan pendant made of two 7 pointed stars in silver and 8 natural stones

You should know that the heptagram is an ancient religious symbol that can be drawn in many ways as explained here.


  1. Pendant design creation
  2. Making of the pendant
  3. Esoteric meaning of the stones
  4. More Wiccan jewelry

Design creation

The original design of the pendant should be 40 mm in diameter and the gemstones should be 3 mm each.

Our client knew exactly which stones she wanted and in what order she wanted them set on the jewel. We helped her to refine her needs according to our manufacturing capabilities.

In this case, if we could supply the stones that she wanted and all the re-cut, it was much easier for us to crimp stones larger than those wanted, while lowering the price of the jewel, thus avoiding having to rework them.

We finally stopped on a diameter of 50 mm for the pendant and a stone size of 7 mm for the stones and 8×10 mm for the moonstone in the center of the pendant.

The other stones are (clockwise) transparent quartz, amethyst, topaz, jade stone, amber, carnelian, and red garnet.

7 pointed star pendant design

wiccan pendant with stones design

Making of the pendant

Initially intended to be made of welded silver wire, we changed our guns to turn to a cut in the mass of a solid silver plate.

The pattern was cut out in a laminated silver plate and then refined to match the design.

Then we could take care of placing the stones on the pendant.

silver 7 pointed star pendant making

On this view, we can see the two heptagrams of the internal motif of the pendant.

We then have to put the stones on the pendant. We can see below the set stones prepared alongside the precious stones of the pendant.

making of a wiccan silver pendant

setting moon stone on silver wiccan pendant

View of the pendant with the central moonstone larger than the other stones. The crimped stones are welded in place before crimping them in their respective locations.

wiccan pendant

View of the finished pendant with all the stones set, stones of garnet (red) and topaz (blue) are cut while the other stones have a form of a cabochon.

wiccan silver pendant


Occult meaning of the pendant design

Our client was kind enough to explain the meaning of the stones and the shape of her pendant:

“Indeed, each stone has a use in lithotherapy, the geometric form also has a symbolic.
First, the 7 stones composing the periphery of the pendant represent the spectrum of the light, the colors of the rainbow: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, plus white.
Then these 7 stones also represent the 7 chakras: 1st red, 2nd orange, 3rd yellow, 4th green, 5th blue, 6th purple and 7th white.

Moreover, the 7-branch heptagram/star shape also has a symbolic:  as well as the number 7: number of days of the week, number of deadly sins, 7 wonders of the world, the 7 colors of the rainbow/spectrum of light, the 7 chakras …

Finally, each stone has a use in lithotherapy:

  1. Moonstone: It would be famous for developing intuition, the gift of clairvoyance, premonitory dreams … It reduces the pain related to PMS.
  2. Quartz Crystal / Rock: Amplifier effects of other stones. It stores and restores the energies. It protects against bad waves.
  3. Amethyst: Calms the stress, the anxieties, the anxiety. Relieves headaches, migraines. Help with concentration and meditation. Removes diseases, promotes healing.
  4. Topaz: Brings joy – happiness, contributes to communication, dialogue, speaking and listening, strengthens voice and fights deafness.
  5. Jade: Regulates nervousness, soothes. Good for the digestive system, kidneys and the urinary system. Pierre of honesty, temperate. Fight the fever.
  6. Amber: Fight against eczema, fight allergies, respiratory infections, muscle and dental pain … brings positivism and self-confidence.
  7. Carnelian: Helps with rapid healing, fight against anemia, fight toxins. Attract luck, increase vitality and dynamism. Give courage.
  8. Garnet: Tones the heart and regulates blood circulation. Calm hemorrhages. Protective power. Bring harmony. Tones the liver. Fight against melancholy. “

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