July 14, 2024


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Top 8 Customer Reviewed Favorites from Amazon

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Top 8 Customer Reviewed Favorites from Amazon

I was growing Amazon the other day and came across a section of the website I’d never seen before.

Shocker, I know, since I’m always browsing Amazon for the latest and greatest. But I thought you’d like to see what other shoppers have rated as the best of the best from Amazon. A few of these finds were completely under my radar until now and it was fun to see what other people loved.

Mighty Patch

This is the number one top rated product in the customer favorites and I’m sure it’s for good reason. If you struggle with stubborn pimples, this is the product for you!

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I have and love love love this tinted moisturizer. It’s super light weight and won’t clog your pores.

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Everyone needs and deserves a good travel set for those non-checked bag flights. This set offers really amazing value and I also love the silicone bottles!

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Living Proof

Living Proof is one of my favorite beauty brands and I stand by this top rated product. This dry shampoo is light and smells like heaven.

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Royal Gourmet

In the market for a grill for those summer BBQ days on the horizon. This one has received top notch reviews and comes with great accessories!

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I absolutely love my Sonos Move speakers and can’t recommend them enough!

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I keep seeing this sleep mask pop up time and time again on TikTok and IG. It’s time for me to finally pull the trigger and give it a shot!

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When it comes to luggage, I’m a firm believer in family matching sets and going with an all black sleek look. This is a wonderful value for such things.

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