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Top 30 Engagement Rings for $3000

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Top 30 Engagement Rings for 00

When choosing engagement rings for $3000, there are many factors to take into consideration. Aside from the ring’s quality, carat weight, and overall design, one of the most important factors is your budget. The good news is engagement rings don’t have to cost a fortune. 

With price in mind, here’s our selection of the top 30 engagement rings in the $3,000 range.

1. Diamond Tiffany Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Tiffany Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the 0.44ct Diamond Tiffany Ring.

This brilliant diamond engagement ring is a signed Tiffany & Co. original. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for an elegant and timeless piece. The center stone is a round, brilliant-cut diamond weighing approximately 0.44 carats, and it’s framed by four prongs. What’s more, a row of additional round-cut diamonds is set on each side. This engagement ring is slim, and it can be resized to fit any finger. 

2. Tavira Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Tavira Art Deco Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Tavira Ring.

If you’re looking for a bold yet elegant antique ring, then this might be just the thing. Handcrafted circa 1925, the ring features a 0.45-carat old European-cut center diamond surrounded by beautiful openwork filigree that continues down the rounded shoulders. In addition, a 0.12-carat strip of French-cut natural sapphires runs above and below the center stone.

3. Farsley Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Farsley Art Deco Engagement Ring

Price: $2,200. Learn more about the Farsley Ring.

Sometimes a more traditional look is all you need to get the job done. If you believe in sticking with the styles that just work, then this vintage ring is just for you. Featuring an old European-cut center diamond set in prongs, this minimalist ring was handcrafted circa 1930 and is elevated by the fine milgrain and hand engravings along the band. The stone is approximately 0.35 carats and the metal is platinum.

4. Lindenhurst Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Lindenhurst Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000. Learn more about the Lindenhurst Ring.

If you want to surprise your significant other with a truly unique engagement ring, then the Lindenhurst ring is definitely one to consider. In fact, this diamond engagement ring is a very rare antique piece, handcrafted during the Edwardian Era circa 1900. The center diamond is 0.30 carats and is surrounded by intricate openwork. The marquise-shaped frame is adorned with diamonds on all sides. 

5. Tiffany Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,200. Learn more about the 0.22ct Tiffany Ring.

This Tiffany ring is another classic and a great example of how a solitaire diamond can be more stunning than a cluster of diamonds. It’s signed Tiffany & Co, and it features a 0.22-carat round brilliant-cut diamond, held by four prongs. The platinum ring is flat on both sides. Solitaires never go out of style simply because this type of design ensures focus on the diamond itself. 

6. Wheaton Ring

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Wheaton Ring.

The Wheaton ring is another stunning engagement ring with a traditional design. This engagement ring features a 0.59-carat old European cut center diamond. In addition, the shoulders and gallery display old European cut diamonds and fine milgrain, which make the ring even more beautiful. Elegant diamond engagement rings like this one are very popular, and they can easily fit any bride-to-be’s fashion sense. 

7. Brantford Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Brantford Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,700. Learn more about the Brantford Ring.

If you’re looking for a ring that isn’t cluttered by unnecessary elements, then consider the Brantford. This French-made antique ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1925 and features a center diamond weighing approximately 0.50 carats. Moreover, surrounding the center diamond is a slight gap followed by a 0.13-carat halo of single-cut diamonds.

8. Clermont Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Clermont Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Clermont Ring.

Although not traditional, this ring is stunning and perfect for the bride who likes going against the grain.

The face of this long and wide antique ring is certainly fully embellished; fine milgrain and subtle openwork decorate the ends and sides of the face, and numerous single-cut diamonds fill in the spaces between. The three main diamonds, running up and down the center of this ring, total approximately 0.40 carats, while the additional diamonds are approximately 0.58 total carats.

9. Lakewood Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Lakewood Navette Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Lakewood Ring.

For those who want their ring to have a dramatic effect, the Lakewood ring certainly won’t disappoint you.

The Lakewood ring is set in platinum on 18k yellow gold and has a total diamond weight of approximately 1.50 carats. What also makes this vintage French mid-century ring special is its navette shape, which is covered with brilliant-cut diamonds. In conclusion, this ring is perfect for lovers of the diamond and yellow gold combination. 

10. Jersey Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Jersey Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Jersey Ring.

If you’re interested in the lovely diamond on yellow gold combination, then here’s another great option. Handcrafted in France circa 1910, this 18k yellow gold ring features a modest band with 3 rose-cut diamonds adorning each shoulder. The old mine-cut center diamond is certainly stunning; it weighs approximately 0.45 carats and is set in platinum by 8 prongs.

11. Wentworth Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Wentworth Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Wentworth Ring.

This delicate ring is perfect for brides who want a ring with some character but isn’t over the top. Featuring a floral-shaped cluster of 8 old European cut diamonds, this ring is certainly charming. The center diamond weighs approximately 0.20 carats and the ring was handcrafted in platinum circa 1900.

12. Beaumont Ring

Price: $3,000. Learn more about the Beaumont Ring.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, then this antique ring is a perfect choice. Handcrafted in 18k yellow gold and platinum circa 1900, this fantastic ring features a delicate swirling design on its face. The two ends of this single swirl each hold a diamond, the combined weight of which is approximately 0.38 carats. This ring is certainly one of a kind, so be sure to keep it in mind.

13. Elland Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Elland Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Elland Ring.

If your bride is a fan of sapphires and halos, then this is a great choice.

Firstly, the center features several round brilliant cut diamonds surrounded by a 0.80-carat halo of French cut sapphires. Additionally, a sapphire adorns each shoulder, out from which a row of diamonds connects to the center and forms an outer halo framing the inner one. Finally, the total diamond weight is approximately 0.74 carats.

14. Corbette Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Corbette Antique Ruby Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Corbette Ring.

The Corbette ring utilizes a ruby central stone, diamonds, and platinum on 18k yellow gold- a combination that is certainly appealing.

The sugarloaf-cut natural ruby is bezel-set and weighs 0.75 carats. It’s adorned by a cluster of bezel-set single-cut diamonds, which are surrounded by another diamond halo. What’s more, the Corbette ring is antique, and it comes from the Edwardian era, handcrafted circa 1905. 

15. Primrose Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Primrose Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Primrose Ring.

If you want a ring that prioritizes diamonds, then this ring is a great candidate. Handcrafted in platinum on 18k yellow gold circa 1900, this antique ring features approximately 0.90 total carats amongst its five stunning old European cut diamonds. This is certainly perfect for brides who love diamonds and aren’t interested in extra embellishments.

16. Fairbank Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Fairbank Diamond And Sapphire Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Fairbank Ring.

This gorgeous ring will certainly have no problems impressing the bride, especially if she’s a fan of sapphires. The old European cut center diamond weighs approximately 0.25 carats and is surrounded by additional diamonds interspersed with openwork. In addition, calibre-cut sapphires extend from the center stone’s corners to the ring’s edges. What’s more, each element is bordered by fine milgraine.

17. Ellington Ring

13301 Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring for $3500

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Ellington Ring.

The Ellington ring is another engagement ring with a non-diamond central stone. Instead, it features an impressive oval-cut natural sapphire that weighs approximately 1.93 carats. Framing the sapphire is a 0.60-carat halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds, elevating this ring’s beauty. Above all, this vintage engagement ring is bulky, making it look especially good on thin fingers. 

18. Sardinia Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Sardinia Ring.

For those who want an engagement ring that is elegant, yet not too flashy, the Sardinia ring might be the perfect choice for you. Its center stone is an asscher-cut aquamarine that weighs approximately 1.20 carats. What’s more, the ring’s beauty is enhanced by the detailed engravings on the entire ring, along with smaller diamonds adorning the shoulders. 

19. Thames Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Thames Aquamarine And Sapphire Ring

Price: $2,600. Learn more about the Thames Ring.

If the bride is a fan of the color blue, then she’s sure to love the combination of aquamarine and sapphires. Featuring a round-cut aquamarine as the central stone surrounded by sapphires, this ring is certainly breathtaking. The aquamarine weighs 1 carat, and the halo of French-cut sapphires weighs 0.54 carats. Additionally, diamonds are set on the side of the halo, as well as on the ring’s shoulders. 

20. Colton Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Colton Ruby Halo Diamond Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Colton Ring.

This handcrafted platinum ring features a round brilliant center diamond weighing approximately 0.25 carats and surrounded by a 0.51-carat halo of French-cut natural rubies. In addition, round brilliant diamonds adorn the shoulders and openwork decorates the under-gallery. Finally, fine milgraine as well as a gap between the center stone and the halo helps both the halo and diamond pop.

21. Central Park Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Central Park Sapphire Halo Ring

Price: $4000. Learn more about the Central Park Ring.

Another sapphire halo engagement ring, the Central Park ring features a 0.54-carat antique old European-cut diamond as its center stone. Framing the diamond is a 0.42-carat halo of French-cut calibre natural sapphires. Its glamour is further emphasized by 2 additional diamonds set on each shoulder. This ring is the ideal choice for those who want an elegant ring with a bold color combination. 

22. Aber Ring

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Aber Ring.

The Aber ring features an Asscher-cut natural aquamarine that has a lovely light blue color and weighs approximately 1.07 carats. In addition, surrounding the center stone is a floral diamond halo weighing 0.52 carats, which is separated by the eight prongs holding the aquamarine. Finally, a row of smaller diamonds is set along the shank. 

23. Hays Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Hays Ring.

This antique ring is certainly a sight to behold; the ornamentation is impressive and thorough. The elongated design makes way for the three main diamonds as well as hand engravings, fine milgrain, and leaf design openwork. The tapered style ensures a comfortable fit while maintaining the wide face necessary to accommodate the various embellishments.

24. Clifden Ring

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Clifden Ring.

The elongated design and the detailed under-gallery make the Clifden ring a great choice for those who want a vintage look. The 0.89-carat aquamarine with an emerald cut certainly steals the show. What’s most impressive about this engagement ring is the platinum mounting, which is set with old European-cut diamonds. Due to its east-west design, the Clifden ring is best suited for wide fingers. 

25. Torrington Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Torrington Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,000. Learn more about the Torrington Ring.

Handcrafted in France circa 1900, this gorgeous antique ring made from platinum and 18k white gold is truly a treasure. The center diamond is cushion cut and weighs approximately 0.45 carats. Accompanying it on either side is an additional 0.25-carat diamond, adding to the ring’s overall sparkle.

26. Melbourne Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Melbourne Retro Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Melbourne Ring.

If the bride can appreciate something unique, yet subtle, then this is a perfect ring for her. This retro five-stone ring was handcrafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold circa 1945. The geometric profile of this ring, and the diamonds guiding it, are what make this special.

27. Tiber Ring

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Tiber Ring.

If you want an engagement ring that will be the center of attention, but still elegant, then the Tiber ring might be what you have been looking for. It features dome-style filigree and prongs that hold a lively 1.64-carat aquamarine. The antique ring was handcrafted circa 1950 and contains smaller diamonds on the shoulders.

28. Brunswick Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Brunswick Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $2,700. Learn more about the Brunswick Ring.

One of the most unique and perhaps the oldest antique rings on this list, the Brunswick certainly makes a memorable first impression.

This antique silver on yellow gold ring was handcrafted circa 1810, making this a Regency-era ring. The ring’s overall shape is inherited from the 3 rose-cut diamonds running north-south. Additionally, the central diamonds are surrounded by smaller rose-cut diamonds. Finally, the shoulders and shank are embellished with superb engravings.

29. Waverly Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Waverly Onyx And Diamond Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Waverly Ring.

The only ring on this list containing onyx, the Waverly is bold and breathtaking. The center diamond is set in an octagonal bezel and weighs approximately 0.42 carats. Separating it from the other elements of the ring is a gap; providing this negative space adds to the ring’s elegance. From the center diamond leading down the tapered shoulders are additional diamonds surrounded by the stylish onyx.

30. Rhine Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Rhine Aquamarine Ring With Diamonds

Price: $2,500. Learn more about the Rhine Ring.

Last, but not least, is the Rhine ring. This engagement ring combines a 1.58-carat aquamarine and diamond accents. The stunning aquamarine is held by four prongs. Along the ring’s shoulders are small round brilliant-cut diamonds. Although the Rhine ring looks magnificent from the top view, when you view it from the side, you’ll see beautifully crafted openwork as well. 

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

For those who want to surprise their significant other with an engagement ring, it’s possible to find engagement rings for an affordable price. Here at Estate Diamond Jewelry, we offer a selection of engagement rings of all sizes, shapes, designs, and eras. 

If you’re interested in our budget-friendly engagement ring collection, feel free to contact us.

If you want to see a particular engagement ring in person, you can schedule an appointment and come to Estate Diamond Jewelry. 

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