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Top 20 Large Aquamarine Rings

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Top 20 Large Aquamarine Rings

Large aquamarine rings are ideal engagement rings as the aquamarine gemstone has been said to bring happiness to a marriage. This March birthstone frequently comes in large sizes, so it would be a shame to miss out on finding the perfect one for you.

Let’s look at these 20 large aquamarine rings with impressive center-stone sizes that will take your breath away.

1. The Lexington Ring

Lexington Large Aquamarine Engagement Ring With Diamonds

Price: $12,500. Learn more about the Lexington Ring.

Starting big, the Lexington Ring centers a massive 28-carat aquamarine gem set in prongs. Triangular shoulders carrying six pave-set round brilliant cut diamonds each accentuate the main gem’s rectangular shape. The finishing touch is a detailed openwork under-gallery which is sure to mesmerize.

2. The Islip Ring

Retro Era Islip Large Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Islip Ring.

The Islip Ring has a triple-wire shank to match the imposing emerald-cut 20-carat aquamarine gem set in prongs. The whole ring was handcrafted in 14k white on yellow gold during the Retro era, circa 1945. In addition, each shoulder carries three single-cut diamonds set in prongs inside square bezels. The shoulders connect to an openwork under-gallery that assures this ring is captivating from all sides.

3. The Luray Ring

Luray Large Aquamarine Ring With A Sapphire Halo

Price: $13,500. Learn more about the Luray Ring.

The main character of this beautiful ring is a bezel-set aquamarine that weighs 12.46 carats. A halo of calibrated French cut sapphires surrounds the main gem, adding 5.20 carats to the ring. On the shoulders, you’ll find small round brilliant-cut diamonds. The ring is crafted in platinum, featuring fine milgrain and an open-work under-gallery.

4. The Westport Ring

Price: $7,500. Learn more about the Westport Ring.

The Westport Ring features a stunning 11.86-carat emerald-cut aquamarine set in a bezel. It is surrounded by a halo of pavé-set diamonds that continue along the shoulders. In addition, three baguette-cut diamonds decorate either side of the halo. The total weight of the diamonds is approximately 0.81 carats. The platinum ring also features an openwork gallery and fine milgrain.

5. The Willoughby Ring

Willoughby Aquamarine Ring With A Halo Of Sapphires

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Willoughby Ring.

This incredible piece of jewelry features a large 11.41-carat emerald-cut aquamarine gem in the center. A halo of calibre natural sapphires surrounds the bezel-set aquamarine with a weight of 1.44 carats. The platinum mounting carries 0.12-carat single-cut diamonds along the shoulders, decorated with fine milgrain. Lastly, openwork in the under-gallery subtly contributes to the ring’s elegance.

6. The Sedgewick Ring

Large Aquamarine Sedgewick Ring With Several Accent Diamonds

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Sedgewick Ring.

The mesmerizing aquamarine in the center weighs 10.72 carats and is set in prongs. It looks even more transparent due to the open-work under-gallery crafted in platinum. Furthermore, it has baguette cut diamonds on each side and curved shoulders adorned with a mix of old European-cut diamonds. The total diamond weight of the ring is approximately 0.96 carats.

7. The Vermont Ring

Price: $7,600. Learn more about the Vermont Ring.

This elegant and unique piece is adorned with fine milgrain and features a clear emerald-cut aquamarine weighing 6.75 carats. The gemstone is set in prongs which display round brilliant cut diamonds of 0.68 carats. Additional French cut diamonds embellish the ring’s shank and add 1.00 carat of diamond weight.

8. The Holt Ring

Holt Aquamarine Ring With Fleur De Lis Shoulders

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Holt Ring.

Naturally, the center stone of this one-of-a-kind ring is a gorgeous aquamarine. It is emerald-cut and weighs 6.03 carats. However, what makes this ring special is the fleur-de-lis motif on each shoulder. The sophistication of this ring is further emphasized by four old-cut diamonds and two calibre French-cut sapphires below. Finally, the openwork under-gallery makes this platinum ring a true masterpiece.

9. The Avenida Ring

Avenida Aquamarine Ring Featuring White Gold And Diamonds

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Avenida Ring.

The star of this ring is once again an aquamarine. It is set in prongs and, in this case, weighs 5.80 carats.

What makes this ring stand out are the geometric shoulders adorned with pavé-set round brilliant diamonds. They accompany the eight diamonds of the same cut that go down the shank and together draw attention to the centerpiece. Finally openwork decorates the under-gallery, which is a must for this kind of piece.

10. The Sacksville Ring

Price: $5,000. Learn more about the Sacksville Ring.

The Sacksville Ring is perfect for those who want an elongated aquamarine ring. The diamond halo and 6 baguette-cut accent diamonds certainly serve to emphasize the stunning teal aquamarine. The emerald-cut center stone itself weighs approximately 2.35 carats.

11. The Broadway Ring

Broadway Floral Aquamarine Ring With Diamonds And Sapphires

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Broadway Ring.

For those who enjoy bold jewelry, the Broadway ring is the way to go.

The central stone is an emerald-cut aquamarine that is set in a bezel and weighs 5.00 carats. A rectangular frame of baguette-cut natural sapphires creates an inner halo, while an outer halo consists of single-cut diamonds. The floral openwork gallery matches the outer halo and the two diamond-set fleur-de-lis motifs on each shoulder, which gives this platinum ring a refined look.

12. The Caledonia Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Caledonia Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $5,400. Learn more about the Caledonia Ring.

This Retro-era ring is quite thick but the subtle shank ensures that all eyes are on the 4.00-carat aquamarine in the center. Two rows of single-cut diamonds that total 0.18 carats adorn the shoulders, while the north and south edges of the mounting carry rolled bars. This vintage ring was crafted in platinum, circa 1940.

13. The Forsyth Ring

Price: $7,000. Learn more about the Forsyth Ring.

In the center of this breathtaking piece is a large bezel-set aquamarine of 3.50 carats. Old mine-cut diamonds of H color frame the gem. What’s more, each shoulder carries a diamond in a bullet-shaped bezel, bringing the total diamond weight to 1.22 carats, while the overall clarity is VS1-SI1.

14. The Denver Ring

Denver Aquamarine Engagement Ring Featuring Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Denver Ring.

A lively teal-colored aquamarine enhanced by a double halo makes for a perfect statement ring. The inner halo consists of French cut sapphires, while round brilliant-cut diamonds comprise the outer halo. The ring resists diverting from the beautiful ensemble of gems by keeping its triple-wire shank quite minimal.

15. The Amadora Ring

Amadora Engagement Ring With A Ruby Halo

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Amadora Ring.

If you’re looking for a contrast of cool and warm tones, then you might want to check out the Amadora Ring. Dazzling calibre-cut rubies form a halo around a 3.25-carat aquamarine gem. In addition, a baguette-cut diamond leads to each shoulder where an additional diamond is set. Finally, the ring also features an openwork under-gallery that makes its side view impressive.

16. The Almada Ring

Price: $5,200 Learn more about the Almada Ring.

For those who like the combination of cool tones, the striking Almada Ring is sure to please. Apart from the rectangular 3.22-carat aquamarine gem, the ring also features a 0.70-carat halo of natural green emeralds. Two diamonds intercept the green halo and connect to additional diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. It all adds to the detailed under-gallery of the platinum ring.

17. The Boulder Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Boulder Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Boulder Ring.

The Boulder Ring is another example of how well aquamarine and sapphires go together. This ring features a natural emerald-cut aquamarine surrounded by a 0.72-carat halo of French-cut natural sapphires as well as an elongated baguette-cut diamond on either side with a combined weight of 0.20 carats. In addition, this platinum ring has a diamond on each shoulder.

18. The Easton Ring

Easton Aquamarine Engagement Ring With Sapphires And Diamonds

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Easton Ring.

With a slightly smaller oval-cut gem in the center, the Easton Ring still makes for a sizeable aquamarine ring due to its double halo.

The central piece is a natural aquamarine weighing approximately 1.13 carats. It is surrounded by a 0.90-carat halo of deep blue French-cut sapphires with a captivating starburst shape. The outer halo consists of additional brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.16 carats, providing a floral outer frame to the ring.

19. The Aspen Ring

Aspen Engagement Ring With Sapphires And Diamonds Halos

Price: $4,300. Learn more about the Aspen Ring.

The teal-colored gem of this large aquamarine ring weighs 1.00 carat and has an Asscher cut. The additional French-cut sapphires and round cut diamonds weigh 0.70 and 0.40 carats, respectively. Two diamonds adorn the shoulders while the under-gallery features stunning openwork filigree. The final touch to this piece is a narrow triple-wire shank crafted in platinum.

20. The Colorado Aqua Ring

Colorado Engagement Ring With Sapphires And Diamonds Halos

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Colorado Aqua Ring.

The round Colorado Aqua Ring is yet another tricolored piece. This handcrafted platinum ring features a round central aquamarine gem weighing 1.00 carat. Moreover, the inner halo flaunts a row of calibrated French-cut natural sapphires weighing 0.70 carats. The outermost halo features old European-cut diamonds weighing 0.40 carats.

Tips and Tricks For Taking Care Of Large Aquamarine Rings

The aquamarine is a fairly durable gem and ideal for everyday wear. However, it does require regular maintenance. Here are a few tips to keep your aquamarine from losing its shine:

  • Cleaning aquamarine jewelry requires little effort, and you can do it at home. Warm water, an old toothbrush, and soap or shampoo are all you need to keep your aqua sparkling. Rub the gem gently, let it soak, then rinse, and pat it dry. Be sure to use a soft cloth so it doesn’t scratch the ring.
  • When cleaning the gem, don’t forget to clean the rest of the ring too. You can use the same method as the aquamarine for gold or stainless steel settings. For a silver setting, a jeweler’s cloth is best to remove any tarnish.
  • Avoid too much heat and light. Aquamarine is stable against heat treatment and exposure to light, but overexposure will lead to color loss. Avoid breakage by exercising caution when cleaning gems with any inclusions, fractures, or other blemishes.
  • Products that contain alcohol, ammonia, bleach, or chlorine can damage the gem and make it lose its sparkle, so avoid these for the best results.
  • You should clean the ring approximately every two weeks and take it to a professional every six months. It’s best to take the ring where you purchased it. If that’s not an option, then don’t forget to discuss how you’ll clean the ring when making the purchase.
  • Avoid wearing the ring while cooking, cleaning, gardening, doing strenuous activities, or swimming. Additionally, avoid moisturizing your hands while wearing the ring since the oils can damage it.
  • Store your large aquamarine ring in a jewelry box kept in a cool and dry place, separate from other gemstones.

Talk to an Aquamarine Expert

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

After taking a look at everything offered above, you can see that there is a variety of large aquamarine engagement rings. It might be challenging to consider all their features without feeling overwhelmed. If you need help choosing the perfect big aquamarine ring, then feel free to contact a team of professionals at Estate Diamond Jewelry.

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