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The Dangers of Treating District Managers as a Cost Center

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The Dangers of Treating District Managers as a Cost Center

Not extended in the past, I satisfied a regional director. To strengthen his bottom line, he was taking into consideration reducing down district supervisors to a solitary specific to oversee 50 franchisees. My suggestion to him was not to trouble managing the shops at all at that point.

When will retail networks fully grasp that district management is not a assist perform, a mere price middle that need to be lowered at all fees?

By slicing the selection of district supervisors, we restrict the ability of the franchisor to aid, have an understanding of and resolve the issues of franchisees ahead of they turn into significant. It performs effectively for 18 months, then the network begins to falter as dissatisfaction grows and the quantities fall.

Conversely, a very well-run network means franchisees who thrive and who are happier. In other text: fewer exits and greater very same-store product sales.

But to obtain this, district supervisors must be in a position to just take time to understand, hear and make associations with each of their franchise companions. Have you at any time experimented with to bond with 50 people today at at the time?

In my belief, embarking on a system of price reduction by way of district management indicates aiming for brief-time period attain, even if it suggests prolonged phrase soreness. This is only “good” if you want to provide your community quickly, without having qualms for the franchisees who have reliable you and have been engaged for various years.

What do you assume ?

Julien Perret is the Founder and CEO of BCHEF and Initial Burgers. This post was translated and posted here from an original article on LinkedIn, with his permission.

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