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RMS Beauty Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara Review

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RMS Beauty Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara Review

RMS Beauty Straight Up MascaraConfession time. I never liked old RMS Beauty mascaras, even though I’ve tried them all. You can see my old review featuring RMS Beauty Defining Mascara and the Volumizing mascara here with swatches. None of them were impressive, and knowing how expensive these mascaras are, it felt like the best choice would be just to stick to other brands. But you know how it goes… A new mascara has been released. Numerous wonderful promises are being made. A heart wants what it wants. So, of course, I had to get this Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara. Though, after purchasing it, I had to wait until I finished my INIKA Curvy Lash mascara because I didn’t want to waste either of them.

RMS Beauty Straight Up Organic MascaraRMS Beauty has gorgeous minimalist packaging for its products. When you see it, you know it’s theirs, so I won’t get into much detail on how aesthetically pleasing this mascara looks and how happy I am to have products like these in my makeup bag. What I want to get more into is its wand. It looks like a traditional wand that many volumizing mascaras have. To be fair, the RMS Original Volumizing Mascara (now discontinued, I believe) has a similar-looking one. So was I worried that it would be a disappointment? Yes. Did I buy it anyway? Of course! However, it turns out there was no need to worry because this mascara is nothing like the other ones I’ve tried from the brand. I don’t know if it has a different formula (possibly), but I LOVE it. Also, even though the wand is pretty big and dense, it doesn’t stain my lids or make an application uncomfortable in any way.

RMS Beauty Straight Up Mascara WandThe results speak for themselves. Below you can see how my lashes look bare. The second photo shows a one-ish coat of mascara. Finally, the bottom photo shows a couple of more additional coats applied. As you can see, it layers pretty well without getting too clumpy! The first thing that really stands out is the excellent lash separation that the Straight Up mascara provides. Also, it offers some decent length and curl (no lash curler was used in the swatches) but still looks natural. Since it does not weigh the lashes down, the curl stays all day, which is absolutely delightful. The texture does get thicker after some time, but it’s expected.

RMS Beauty Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara SwatchesOverall, I’m delighted with the Straight Up mascara! Good job, RMS Beauty! The Straight Up Mascara retails for $26. I think it comes only in black.

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