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Real Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Resin Jewelry by NALANStudio | Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating

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Real Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Resin Jewelry by NALANStudio | Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating

I absolutely recognize how hard generating actual flower resin jewelry right after acquiring dabbled with the technique myself. So when I observed Kentucky based Yuki Nalan of NALANStudio‘s operate, I went wow!

You can see why her supporters really like her function in this niche market.  Her real fruit and flower – from time to time both mixed in a solitary layout – nevertheless retains a lot of the lively coloration and form of the unique natural and organic substance. She makes use of the freeze drying technique relatively than silica gel. 

Yuki also performs without having frames or molds. At times she uses the entire flower. I was impressed with her dainty authentic orchid, rose bud and bellflower earrings. These are pretty fragile following drying and coating with resin is not uncomplicated.  Just pretty operate!

Bell flower resin earrings

Blood Orange earrings

True Cherry Tomato Earrings

Serious dragonfruit earrings

Real Lemon and Flower Earrings

True orchid earrings

Genuine pansy flower earrings
True strawberry earrings

Serious pansy flower earrings

Real rose earrings

Real starfruit earrings

Authentic cucumber earrings

Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating 

True natural and organic materials like bouquets and sliced fruit have to be comprehensively dried right before becoming embedded into resin. Any humidity remaining will end result in the substance rotting within the resin. 

The most typical and equipment-free method of actual flower resin jewelry building is with silica or by the standard pressing and drying (a lot quicker with a microwave). The drying is not immediate so there is the reduction of some coloration and shape distortion. 

The other two procedures involve equipment which can be extremely highly-priced specially for freeze dryers.  Dehydrators which are applied for drying foodstuff use very low heat and might have an impact on condition and coloration. 

Freeze drying is quite quickly as the content is quickly frozen and placed in vacuum – the sort and style of freeze dried food, which is typically rehydrated, continues to be the same as the unique. This system of preservation is commonly utilised for military services rations, astronauts and hikers!

Freeze drying also makes the product pretty brittle so that is why resin is applied to coat and secure freeze dried bouquets, fruits and vegetables if they are to be used in jewellery.

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