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Overstock Liquidations

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Overstock Liquidations

Overstock inventory refers to the excess goods or merchandise that a retailer has on hand and is unable to sell within a reasonable amount of time. This is a great time to look for overstock deals now that the holidays and main retail selling season are over with. Retailers will have plenty of unsold inventory to clear out so they can reset for the new year.

Products can become overstock for a variety of reasons such as over-ordering, poor forecasting, or a change in consumer demand. This ties up a business’s capital and takes up valuable storage space, so it is important to quickly find ways to liquidate or sell excess goods. Some companies may choose to lower the price to move it quickly, some choose to use online marketplaces, and others might use liquidation services to sell their overstock inventory to other businesses or consumers.s

Getting Rid of Overstock

Retailers can sell overstock inventory by using various methods such as clearance sales, discount promotions, and online marketplaces. Another way would be to liquidate the inventory by offering bulk discounts to other businesses or by using an inventory liquidation service. Additionally, retailers can use dropshipping and affiliate marketing to sell overstock inventory without having to handle the physical product themselves.

After the holiday season, retailers can take several steps to get rid of overstock inventory:

  1. Clearance sales:
    Offer deep discounts on overstock items to clear them out before the next season.
  2. Online marketplaces:
    Use platforms like Amazon, eBay, WholesaleCentral, or even Facebook Marketplace to sell overstock inventory to a larger audience.
  3. Liquidation:
    Consider using an inventory liquidation service or offering bulk discounts to other businesses to quickly get rid of overstock items.
  4. Donate:
    Donate the overstock inventory to charity organization or non-profit groups.
  5. Return to Vendor:
    If possible, try to negotiate with vendors to take back unsold merchandise.
  6. Repurpose:
    Consider repurposing overstock items for a different season or market.
  7. Off-price stores:
    Retailers can sell their overstock inventory to off-price retailers or discount stores.
  8. Seasonal promotion:
    Create a promotion that focuses on the current season, such as a spring cleaning sale or a back-to-school event to help move overstock inventory.

Where to Find Overstock

Wholesale liquidators specialize in purchasing overstock and liquidated products directly from retailers and resell them to other businesses or individuals. You can contact these companies directly to inquire about purchasing products.

If you are looking to buy overstock items, WholesaleCentral and CloseoutCentral are great sources to find wholesale suppliers or closeout palette lots.

Auctions are another way to purchase overstock and liquidated products. You can find these auctions online or in person. If possible, check to make sure lots have not already been picked over. Make sure you are actually getting usable products you can resell.

There are several online marketplaces, such as Liquidation.com and B-Stock Solutions, that specialize in selling overstock and liquidation products. You can browse and bid on products from a variety of retailers on these sites. Make sure to review the terms and shipping costs when closing a deal to avoid any unexpected problems.

Some large retailers also operate their own liquidation channels, such as Walmart Liquidation Auctions.

If you are looking for overstocked items, here are some featured options:

Juniper Clean Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Juniper Clean Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing personal care wipes kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Quick cleaning, convenient, effective wet wipes. Always useful. Order now to get free shipping in the Continental U.S.

Kync Design LLC

Hips-Sister Hip Bands
woman wearing Hips-Sister Hip Bands

Hips-Sister Hip Bands

The Original Left Coast Hipband is our best seller. It has a 5 inch waistband with two zippered pockets and one top loading phone pocket. Great for working out, shopping, travel, running errands, sporting events, walking the dog.


Penny Pincher Lighter

Penny Pincher Lighter

Lighter display includes three bright colors for maximum visibility. The Penny Pincher is easy to light, with thumb grips on the ignitor switch. The lever-like switch keeps fingers away from the flames, making this lighter great for lighting cigarettes or cigars. It has a powerful, adjustable, blue torch flame and is wind resistant. Lot of 504,000 @ $0.50 each.

John Gibson Enterprises, Inc.

Patriotic USA Assortment

Patriotic USA Assortment

Everything Red White & Blue 50% OFF our online prices! All size flags and much more. DON’T order online, call and mention “Overstock Promotion” and SAVE HALF! Perfect for Memorial Day.

Evergreen Marketing, Inc.

1800mg Full Spectrum Oil-Mint Flavor

1800mg Full Spectrum Oil-Mint Flavor

This Premium-Grade Full Spectrum 1800mg CBD tincture has a hint of mint suspended in hempseed oil, is loaded with several terpenes like beta-Myrcene and trans-Caryophyllene, and packs a nice 60mg of Full Spectrum CBD per ml punch.

Cannabreeze Hemp Farm & Company

Boondocker Work Pants

Boondocker Work Pants

A rugged work pant made from 4-way stretch fabric designed for working in all seasons; featuring reinforced waterproof knees and pant bottoms, oversized pockets, YKK zippers, and unique interior ankle gaiters that keep debris from entering your boots.

Sheard Industry Apparel

Multi Color and Hematite Bead Copper Bib Necklace

Multi Color and Hematite Bead Copper Bib Necklace

Handmade hematite, turquoise, cream and multi color bead copper wire woven bib necklace. Necklace measures 2.75″ wide. Faire Trade and an exclusive design. The perfect fashion accessory for spring and summer.


Pete's CBD Relaxer Roll On Calming Botanical Skin Serum

Pete’s CBD Relaxer Roll On Calming Botanical Skin Serum

RELAXER- CBD Infused Calming Botanical Skin Serum is formulated with a blend of botanical and essential oils, infused with a mega dose of pure CBD and power-packed with vitamins, fatty acids and minerals to help improve the appearance of skin and leave it relaxed. The steel roller ball is perfect for on the go use, simply throw it in your bag with no worries of leaking or contamination.

Pete’s CBD

Farm Living Round Easel Sign

Farm Living Round Easel Sign

Celebrate the farmstead lifestyle with the farm living round easel sign. This round, white, wooden sign has raw edges and reads “Farm” in black text and “Living” in dimensional, green script. Accented with a cute black and white, dimensional cow head. This sign makes a great accent in any room and can be displayed sitting on the easel back or hanging from the D-Ring hanger. Sign measures 5.25″ in diameter and .25″ in depth. Item #35841

Col House Designs

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