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How to Wear V-neck Sweaters (30+ Styles for Women)

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How to Wear V-neck Sweaters (30+ Styles for Women)
How to Wear V-neck Sweaters (30+ Styles for Women)

V-necked sweaters have been pushed to the side of fashion for a number of years and seen as rather a safe, middle-aged choice. But, as we know, everything has changed this year and V-necked sweaters of all shapes are back in fashion and set to stay ‘in’ for a good while yet. So if you’re not used to wearing V-neck sweaters, what do you need to know?

First of all, they are considered to be the most flattering sweater style to the female figure, so that’s a fabulous start! And they are extremely versatile – easy to wear alone, or with a trendy neck-scarf, over a dress, with a short or long skirt and of course, over a plain or patterned shirt. So why not take a look at our up-to-the-minute guide on how to wear trendy, V-neck sweaters this year!

1. How to wear V-neck sweaters with an oversized blazer

Oversized clothes are trending like mad this year, but that doesn’t just mean sloppy oversized sweatshirts and baggy jeans. You can be extremely chic wearing a long, white shirt, with the sleeves covering most of your hands.

Add a waist-length, cream V-necked sweater over the top and wear knee-length brown boots. Finish off with an oversized, beige or khaki blazer and wear opaque tights in medium-brown to finish off the mini-dress look.

2. How to wear V-neck sweaters with a plain or patterned shirt

Sweater vests are also back in fashion this year, and I do love to see them worn over a pretty blouse or shirt. But if it’s still not warm enough to do that where you live, just add a V-neck sweater in the winter or summer colors to your current stock of shirts and blouses, to bring your look up-to-date easily.

A plain sweater and skirt can be beautifully jazzed up by a floral or printed shirt. And with a plain, knee-length or midi, pencil skirt you can make an excellent outfit for everyday wear and at the office. Wear edgy, knee-length boots or preppy loafers to complete an attractive new look!

3. How to wear V-neck sweaters with enamel pins

If you decide to wear your V-neck sweater alone, you can add a touch of fun-style by adding a little group of the latest enamel pins to your lapel or as a fancy border around the V. You could also go ‘glam’ with a small set of diamanté brooches in different shapes for a more elegant effect.

If you use heavy pins or brooches, it’s important to have a backing material on the inside of your sweater to stop them pulling down on the sweater threads. And you can achieve this either by cutting out small squares of thin cardboard or by using cut-down, flat cotton-wool discs or flat, cosmetic sponges.

4. How to wear V-neck sweaters with a tweed-checked pencil skirt

A fashionable, checked tweed pencil skirt that reaches to just above or on the knee, looks fabulous with a brightly colored, harmonizing V-necked sweater. It’s another retro-office wear look that has been popular for many years, coming in and out of fashion quite regularly.

It’s a smart and attractive look you can feel comfortable in. And to finish off the look wear cap-toe pumps that tie your skirt and sweater colors together, or this year’s popular loafers in a plain or duo-color. And a chain-strap, quilted shoulder bag looks great with this look, too.

5. How to wear V-neck sweaters off-the-shoulder with a short skirt

For a casual and sexy, summer vibe wear a light-gray, V-necked sweater over an ivory or off-white short skirt that’s about 3 inches above the knee and not tight. This is because you don’t want to overdo the sexy look with a mini-skirt.

Gently tug the V-neck to one side, so that you are baring one shoulder in a super, casual look and tuck it into the front of your skirt. Add a wide-brimmed khaki or beige hat and finish off with beige ankle boots or cream loafers.

6. How to wear V-neck sweaters with a shirt-dress

If you have a shirt-dress in your wardrobe, it will look fabulous with a V-neck shirt over the top! A summer-colored, shirt-dress in the pastel fashion colors of lavender, pink, blue, yellow, aqua and light-red looks great with a darker, low V sweater over the top.

If your shirt-dress has long sleeves, turn up the cuffs over the ends of your sweater to create a matching collar and cuffs detail. And wear with dainty pointed, leopard-print loafers or low heeled court-shoes. To a blue dress and black sweater you can add an unexpected flash of color with a light-red, clutch bag!

7. How to wear V-neck sweaters over a cowl-neck

A great autumn or spring look in warm browns and black always looks good if you put it together with care. Start with black leggings and wear a warm brown, cowl necked fine-knit sweater underneath a black, V sweater.

Gently arrange the brown cowl neck to fill in the neckline and make sure the cowl sweater shows a few inches below the black V sweater. Wear with a warm brown leather jacket and black ankle bootees, with a brown fur-trim around the top and low heels. It’s smart and casual, warm and different!

8. How to wear V-neck sweaters with paper-bag pants

Paper-bag pants have a fancy waistline, which looks like the ruffled top of a closed paper bag. So you can’t wear an ordinary V-neck sweater that comes down lower than the waist. However, you can wear your cropped V-necked sweaters with paper-bag pants. And you can also wear a V-neck cropped cardigan with them, too.

With nothing underneath, and the buttons fastened up, waist-length cardigans can be worn as a sweater. Two colors that go together beautifully are pale-blue and camel, so try a trendy pastel-blue sweater tucked-in to the top of a pair of faux-leather paper-bag pants for a fashionable date look! And this look is also good with paper-bag waist skirts and shorts.

9. How to wear nautical stripe V-neck sweaters & white jeans

Striped V-necked sweaters can look very smart and look super with navy jeans and leather trousers. But if you are wearing white jeans this year – and you should be! – wear a French sailor striped V-neck for a great summer look. This style of sweater has a white background with black, navy or red, narrow horizontal stripes.

And please don’t avoid this style if you think they make you look fatter, they don’t! That’s now been proved to be a myth. And actually, plus-size women look lovely in nautical stripes and relaxed fit, wide-leg white jeans in the summer!

10. How to wear cropped V-neck sweaters

The latest, cropped sweaters – that leave just an inch of midriff showing above high-rise jeans and have an extra-deep V-neck – are very sexy. And cropped sweaters with a classy argyle print also look fabulously chic with stone-colored jeans. Look out for a tan-colored sweater, with brown, cream and green in the pattern for a perfect match with trendy, khaki, camel and light brown trousers.

And you can also wear a skimpy cropped, V-neck over a slip-dress or a white shirt, until the weather heats up in your area. Diamond-pattern argyle sweaters with a short, V-neck are also fashionable and look great as a smart-casual look with light-wash, medium-rise jeans.

11. How to wear lacy collar V-neck sweaters

Long lace collars are an attractive trend for this year, which you’ll also see on the cute, cropped cardigans on offer. Look out for waist-length, V-necked sweaters with a big, Puritan collar and baggy shaped sleeves, which really transform the sweater’s image. Wear a black sweater with a bright-white collar with faded black jeans for a trendy, smart-casual vibe. And add a little color by wearing several, gold, neck-chains with charms.

12. How to wear V-neck sweaters with dresses

For week-end and leisurely meals with friends and family, try wearing a cream or off-white, long V-necked sweater over a short, red shirt dress with a buttoned up collar. And you can wear this comfortable outfit with beige, lace-up ankle boots, or tan knee-high boots and a burgundy handbag. It’s a fashionable look that allows you to wear a pretty dress, when the weather’s still a little bit cool!

13. How to wear V-neck sweaters with a floral duster coat

Floral duster coats are a fabulous summery look, but you can’t wear any sort of patterned clothing underneath. So wear a white V-neck sweater with black of light-blue jeans and enjoy the attention you get. Wear a black-belt with your jeans and carry a tan or burgundy handbag. This outfit gives you a lovely style contrast between the floral coat and the simple white top and jeans look!

14. How to wear V-neck sweaters with long white culottes

Ankle-length culottes and very wide-leg trousers are trending like mad this year and you can create a very sophisticated outfit with white culottes. Add a long, white cricket-sweater with a black line detail outlining the V and on the cuffs.

Wear the sweater down over your hips, or just tuck-in the front, depending on your figure. Then finish off this super-chic outfit with a formal, double-breasted blazer with 8 elegant brass buttons decorating the front. Finish off with a black handbag and spiffy, black-suede stiletto sandals!

15. How to wear V-neck sweaters with a retro-50’s style full skirt

This is a great date outfit that’s feminine and sexy, without being over-the-top. Take a high-waisted, flared, black skirt that just covers the knees and wear a flouncy underskirt to puff out its full shape. Then wear a red fine-knit, V-neck sweater or tee-shirt, tucked in, with one side almost falling off the shoulder.

Match with red, high-heeled pumps. Add a quirky detail like a Scottie-dog shaped handbag or sew a brightly-colored, felt poodle silhouette onto the skirt for an authentic 1950’s vibe!

I know you’ll love all the new outfits you can put together this year with V-sweaters. And best of all, the variety of shapes in V-neck sweaters means there’s a style available to suit all of the new types of jeans, skirts and trousers!

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