July 17, 2024


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Home Design Trends Come to Life in Hartville Hardware’s Idea House

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Home Design Trends Come to Life in Hartville Hardware’s Idea House

Showing off the latest trends in home design, Hartville Hardware recently cut the ribbon on its latest Idea House, a modern full-sized farmhouse that lives in the center of the 305,000-square-foot retail store. The Idea House features a blend of unique and trendy installations alongside functional elements, and the latest reiteration of the home is a combination of sleek, minimalistic and modern styles.

The Idea House showcases what Hartville Hardware has to offer, from products and services to designs and custom builds. It’s the focal point of the store and is outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances and current trends in fixtures and decor. Walking through feeling, seeing and touching everything the Idea House has to offer gives customers a feel for how different products and designs would work in their own spaces. Beyond seeing a house put together with the latest and greatest products and designs, customers can also purchase what they see in the house in the store. Customers can add a bit of the Idea House to their own homes, staying up to date and modern with the latest trends.

“Hartville Hardware prides itself on unique products and great customer service,” says Cody Miller, merchandise manager for the lumber and building materials division and member of the Idea House design team. “We wanted to make sure the Idea House speaks to the breadth of the selection we offer while showcasing innovative products and inspiring ideas for customers to take into their own homes.”

The North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA) was given an exclusive opportunity to see the Idea House before the general public. NHPA’s retail training editor, Jess Tillman, experienced the new Idea House firsthand, seeing the innovation Hartville Hardware brought to this project.

“We wanted to create an old-world feel while adding modern touches at the same time,” Miller says.

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