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Helen Janneson Bense: Summer at Smiths

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Helen Janneson Bense: Summer at Smiths

Photography – Bobby Bense | Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Smiths Beach Resort

Recommended tours – Sailing Charters WA | South West Eco Discoveries | Lake Cave

Food and Wine – Lamonts | Gralyn Estate | Cape Lodge | Glenarty Road | Amelia Park Lodge | Meelup Farmhouse | Casina | Aravina Estate

Smiths beach is arguably the best beach in the Margaret River region, a region dotted with incredible white sand beaches. What makes Smiths stand apart is its grand topography. It has a very long stretch of pristine beach with breathtaking national park as a backdrop. No matter how busy it might get, there is always a private space to enjoy. Head south and explore the hidden rock pools along the cape to cape track or north for surfing and dolphin spotting. As the sun goes down, enjoy a beach picnic from the beach, the staircase viewing platforms, or right from your very own balcony at Smiths Beach Resort.

Our top choice of accommodation for this vast region is always Smiths Beach Resort. We’ve been visiting for many years now and it continues to impress. There are many room options from budget friendly to pure luxury, all self contained, serviced and beautifully designed for relaxation in mind. Their dedication to sustainability is another reason we love this resort. Utilising the power of the sun with 270 solar panels, this is part of a continued effort to minimise their carbon footprint, increase water conservation, and protect the surrounding nature and wildlife.

Smiths is ideally located between popular towns, landmarks, beaches, wineries, restaurants and tours. Within walking distance is the Aquarium, a lagoon rock pool around 20-30 minutes hike south along the magnificent cape to cape track. The journey is just as beautiful as the destination. Read my travel tips below on how to prepare when visiting this spot.

Within 10-20 minutes drive you can visit Dunsborough, which is a hub for cafes and restaurants, boutique shopping and right on the beach of Geographe bay. Visit the ancient, subterranean caves; my personal favourite is Lake cave, which is a crystal wonderland. Set sail with Sailing Charters WA for the most scenic way to experience this coastline. It’s a small tour of max 6 people that takes you along the sheltered waters from Dunsborough to Eagle bay. Stop for a swim along the way at Castle Rock. Snorkel, swim or float on the tubes in crystal clear, turquoise water that could be mistaken for the Maldives.

For world class surfing you have multiple options from Smiths beach resort. Surf right there at Smiths, head 5 minutes away to Yallingup beach, 30 minutes north to Windmills or approx 30-40 minutes south to Gracetown or Surfers point. You can also check out Injidup for great surf or head to the natural spa for a soak, only a 10 minute drive from Smiths or approx 1.5 hour stunning hike.

The Margaret River region is a nature lovers dream. It’s teeming with wildlife, marine life and stunning flora. One of our favourite tours anytime of the year is the Woylies nocturnal tour with South West Eco Discoveries. They’re doing great things to help rehabilitate wildlife in this sanctuary zone and it offers a chance to get close and personal with some truly adorable animals. If you have dreamt of feeding and petting a wild kangaroo then this is for you. It will pull on all your heartstrings. All the kangaroos here have been rescued which is why you can touch and feed them here. Please do not attempt this in the wild.

For marine life keep your eyes peeled at Smiths beach for dolphins. From June – December keep a look out for migrating whales. Augusta and Castle rock are both great vantage points for whale spotting. For stingrays head out early to Hamelin bay where you’ll find them dotting the shoreline.

For the foodies and wine aficionados, you are in the Mecca of it right here. On the resort grounds of Smiths is Lamonts, with the best curated selection of wines you’ll find, and food created by an absolute genius in the kitchen, Kate Lamont. My favourite wineries in the area, all relatively close by, are Wise Wines, Cape Lodge, Gralyn Estate and Vasse Felix. My favourite restaurants are Meelup Farmhouse for breakfast, Glenarty Road for lunch, and Amelia Park lodge, Aravina Estate and Casina for dinner. Casina has an extensive vegan menu available as well. My last recommendation would be to stop at Eagle bay Olives for some of the regions best olives. When you’re done enjoying wines, indulging in artesian foods, and salty from your ocean adventures, you can be greeted by the comfort and relaxation waiting for you at Smiths beach resort.

Here are some of my personal travel tips for the region –

  • Plan a rough itinerary for your trip, especially in summer time, as tours and restaurants get booked out.
  • Head out early to see any of the popular spots like the Aquarium, Injidup natural spa, Canal rocks, Sugarloaf, Castle rock. In summer everywhere is very busy. If you walk around the corner of many of these spots though you’ll find your own quiet pocket of paradise, so make sure to explore.
  • Check winds to determine which side of Cape Naturaliste is going to be better for your activities planned.
  • Take a first aid kit, reusable water bottle, and appropriate footwear on all hikes. Keep an eye out for wildlife. We’ve spotted echidnas along the cape to cape track from Smiths beach to the Aquarium.
  • Take all your rubbish when you exit, and leave nature as you found it.
  • The Aquarium doesn’t have facilities so go early and go prepared with water, food and all your beach essentials. Make sure to bring your snorkel gear and underwater camera. Water shoes come in handy here as well.
  • Don’t try to see it all. It takes time on your first visit to the Margaret River region to get a lay of the land. Slow down, enjoy it and its many unexpected surprises. Just know that you can see more of it next time. I have been more times than I can count now and I still have so many more places I want to explore.
  • Bring a kayak or paddle board if you have one. Paddle anywhere along Geographe Bay and you can spots dolphins and sting rays along the way. Castle rock is my personal favourite.
  • Please be careful of king waves and tide changes, especially at Injidup Natural Spa. You can’t always tell when a huge wave will come crashing over. I’ve seen it go from super calm to dangerous in seconds.
  • Be mindful driving at dawn or dusk as kangaroos will be very active and we always see them along the side of the road. They can quickly jump in front of you so drive slowly along the roads especially at night.

And while there is so much to see and do, you’ll find that staying at Smiths beach resort is an experience in itself. You may not want to go anywhere as the resort and beach offer so much relaxation and a back to nature experience while enjoying a little luxury.

Much love and gratitude,

Helen xx

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