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Have a Very Merry Titmas

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Have a Very Merry Titmas

As is my tradition, I want you all a extremely merry Titmas, regardless of your spiritual belief or lack thereof.

I thought of trying a little something new and wishing you a Merry Clitmas …

From the Vulva Gallery

… but I didn’t want any adult males to miss out on my vacation concept.

Rather, I will share this lovely — but nevertheless funny! — story by poet Andrea Gibson identified as, “I’m Allergic to Christmas.” It begins:

“My husband or wife Meg loves Xmas far more than Santa enjoys cookies. Each individual yr she spends months wrapping items. It’s not that she has an unusually superior variety of items to wrap. It’s that she’s addicted to wrapping all the things she can get her tape on. If she’s supplying you tea, she’s very likely to wrap each and every person tea bag. If she’s offering you socks, do not be surprised to locate every sock wrapped individually. The finest present I can give Meg each yr is to permit her wrap the gifts that I received for her.”

Continue on looking at right here. You won’t regret it.

Image from Andrea Gibson.

If you are on Instagram and desire to go through the tale as a sequence of slides, start off here, but there are additional beautiful photographs in the e-newsletter edition.

Hopefully, I’ll submit below once more pretty quickly. If I really don’t, you can assume that Infant the cat has taken his violent revenge on the two me and the doggy.

Note Edward the canine unwisely laughing in the qualifications.

I swear that Toddler was only dressed as a gingerbread guy for a couple of seconds, but that was evidently long ample for the terrifying Icelandic Yuletide Cat to radicalize him. Desire us luck!

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