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Global Retail Leaders Honored by RETHINK Retail

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Global Retail Leaders Honored by RETHINK Retail

RETHINK Retail is pleased to announce the exclusive community of Global Retail Leaders. This collective is comprised of senior executives leading vision and transformation at the world’s top retail companies and the trajectory of the retail industry as a whole.

The Global Retail Leaders (GRL) is a worldwide network of the most influential executives with an eye on evolving the current and future retail industry. The brightest minds in retail, our Leaders meet regularly to discuss industry trends, including the latest in retail analytics, the customer journey and workforce empowerment. Global Retail Leaders have differentiated themselves through their commitment to innovation and change. 

“Our community of leading retail executives brings together visionaries from across the industry and globe to explore and learn from each other’s varying perspectives”, said Natalie Arana, Director of Brand Marketing and Communities at RETHINK Retail. “GRL members are supported through career-enriching opportunities to expand their network and have a platform to highlight their thought leadership”.

Leaders are from every sector of retail, which constitutes Chapters within GRL; these Chapters ensure that retailers from various areas of expertise are grouped with like-minded individuals but the entire community can come together to represent a variety of experiences and backgrounds. 

GRL Advisory Committee member and VP of Store Design at Starbucks, John Boline, remarked, “I am most excited by the power of collaboration, open dialogue, and tackling problems with like minded leaders at GRL. I’m looking forward to collectively making a positive impact on the future of retail!”

“It is a real honor to be part of the RETHINK Retail community, the Top Retail Influencers, and now the Global Retail Leaders group!” added Alex Genov, Advisory Committee member and Head of Customer Research at Zappos,  “My experience with RETHINK Retail has been amazing – [they] bring together a very diverse, knowledgeable and inspirational group of individuals who learn from one another and strive to keep evolving retail for the better.  I am excited about my future engagement with all members of this remarkable community.” 

To commemorate their induction, members will receive a digital honorary badge to display on their website and social media profiles. Members will also be honored in person at the “RETHINK Retail Bash” on Monday, January 16, 2023 in New York City during NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show.

For more information on RETHINK Retail’s retail executive community, or to nominate yourself or someone else for consideration next year, see the Global Retail Leaders page on our website. 

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