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Galentine’s Party Inspiration | Katie Dean

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Galentine's Party Inspiration | Katie Dean

In 2017 we hosted a beautiful Galentine’s Day Party alongside some incredible women in Los Angeles. Hedley & Bennett graciously opened up their Apron Factory for the event and we had an amazing line up of goodies to enjoy and indulge in, including a gift bag with golden jewels for each of our guests! We were also super fortunate to have Jenna Elliot of One Eleven Photography capture the party — keep reading and scrolling to see the beautiful moments she photographed for us!

So what makes a Galentine’s Day Party really pop?

Here’s our list of party priorities:

Florals first, right ladies?! Florals bring a breath of fresh life into any space and we knew they would be a must for this Galentine gathering. We had stand alone arrangements and a stunning tablescape arrangement that went the entire length of the table with candles flanking each side of the flowers. (see below!) Our friends at Twink + Sis were the masterminds behind these details and we are forever grateful.

Galentine's Party Inspiration with Katie Dean Jewelry at the Hedley and Bennett apron factory with Jenna Elliot Photography capturing the event

Beverages for all!

We were spoiled to have La Colombe Coffee at our Galentine’s Celebration and they were brewing up delicious coffee and making stunning lattes for us to enjoy.  For us coffee is always a must at a party, and the La Colombe baristas really wowed us, check out the latte art in the collage below if you want to be inspired!

Opposite of coffee (and besides water, sparkling water or juices) it is nice to have a mocktail or cocktail option at a 21 and over party. We had some beautiful Valentine inspired red cocktails that were very yummy. 

Galentine's Party Inspiration with Katie Dean Jewelry at the Hedley and Bennett Apron factory with Jenna Elliot Photography capturing the special moments!

Sweet treats… are a must!

If you’re like us, you eat your dessert before dinner — ha, ha! We had the cutest little pink cakes that were made so that each attendee could have one, they were even put on their own little wooden stands. They were so adorable with a little flower on top of each one. We almost didn’t want to eat them BUT we did! 

A handmade touch

One thing that you can do to make your Galentine’s Celebration extra special is with a handmade name card and conversation card. This is actually easier to do than you may think and it is such a nice, personalized touch that you can add to your party details.

Items you’ll need to make a handmade name and conversation card:

1. Go to a craft store like Michael’s or Joanne Fabrics

2. Get a heavy card stock paper that you can then cut and fold which will keep it’s shape

3. Also pick up specialty ink pen lets say in gold (or permanent marker would work)

After you have these elements, create your name cards by:

1. Cut the paper into a 4 x 3 inch dimension for your name cards

2. Fold each cut piece in half 

3. On one side write their name – and you’re done!

For the conversation starter cards:

1. Cute the paper into any shape that you want!

(get creative, you could make it a cloud shape, flower, heart… per the season or whatever you are celebrating)

2. Use your specialty pen to write unique questions down for each attendee that acts as a conversation starter

3. Put this on each place setting so they get it when they sit down. 🙂

See below for the Valentine inspired name and conversation cards that we had at our Galentine’s party. How cute are those!

Galentine's Party Inspiration with Katie Dean Jewelry hosted at the Hedley and Bennett Apron Factory, captured by Jenna Elliot Photography

Gift bags for your guests

As the host we of course put together a gift bag with golden jewels for each attendee! This is not a necessary part of Galentine’s parties but we had such a great time putting these together.

If you need some inspiration of what to include in your gift bags, here’s what we put in ours:

Baguette Earrings and Necklace made in America by Katie Dean Jewelry

Lastly, but not least:

Our friends at sweetgreen provided the yummiest and might we add, healthy, salad spread that everyone loved. I had been a long time fan of sweetgreen and we were so fortunate that they offered to bring food to our Galentine gathering. Everyone indulged without feeling guilty which is the best feeling! 

Galentine Love

We had such a great time throwing this Galentine Party. We hope it inspires you to get creative and gather your friends for a girls get together! If you’re feeling generous and want to treat your guests to an extra special party favor, check out our best selling jewelry styles and sign up for our email list to get a special discount on your order. 

Galentine's Party Inspiration with Katie Dean Jewelry hosted at the Hedley and Bennett Apron Factory, captured by Jenna Elliot Photography

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