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First Affordable Friday for 2023!

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First Affordable Friday for 2023!

Oh I know it’s been a minute since I’ve done an Affordable Friday, so I wanted to start 2023 with a bang! This is my first Affordable Friday of the year and truly one of my best ever! It was go big or go home! It’s “big” in terms of style, but small in terms of budget. All of these options are not only super affordable, but they are perfect items to transition from winter to spring! I know, I know it’s still the middle of February, so we have a bit of winter left. That’s why I wanted to include some sweaters & PJs as well as items that can easily transition into spring.

Springtime Sweater

I’m gonna start with a sweater since it’s still pretty cold throughout most of the country. This sweater is just so cheerful and beautiful and well-made and it just screams spring! I even think the little details on the front almost look like little hearts and it just makes me so happy to wear!


I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and it fits perfectly. And the fact that it’s only $23 is incredible. It’s just such a great price. I am truly blown away by this sweater! Plus it comes in sizes XS to XXXL so it’s size inclusive. It also comes in a gorgeous navy color that I think is so fun. And I’m not even kidding you when I came out wearing the sweater Kevin immediately complemented, and said how much he loved it.

$16 Denim that is UH-MAZING!

I’m wearing it with a pair of jeans that are on sale right now for only $16! I bought these back when they were $34 and I thought it was such a steal. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I bought them back in November. I’m wearing a size 8 and I am normally between a size 6 and 8 and the 8 fits PERFECT! Like they were made for me!  looooove the stretch of the super high waist! The most flattering fit if you ask me!

They have over 100 reviews so definitely check them out. I didn’t even realize when I ordered them that they are a short jean. So if you’re on the petite or shorter side, these will be perfect for you and hit you below the ankle. On me, they hit me just above the ankle and I kind of love that cut. I almost would love it even if they landed a tiny bit shorter so if you’re taller, these would be amazing. I am 5’7 for reference and wearing shade Light #49.


The Perfect White Sneaker

Lastly, I’m wearing these really cute white sneakers. They’re only $10 and you really can’t go wrong with them. I just love wearing a little white sneaker like this. You’ll see throughout this blog post that I wear these sneakers with a ton of the outfits, including dresses. I love it when I can wear sneakers with a dress and these are just perfect for that.

Beautiful Blouse

Next I wanna talk about this blouse since I’m wearing the same pair of jeans and sneakers with it. I don’t know if you guys know The Pioneer Woman, but she has a line at Walmart that has really beautiful prints. And I love this top because it’s not only beautiful and lays really pretty, but it’s flowy so I don’t have to worry about it clinging to my body anywhere to make me feel self-conscious. And to be completely honest, I was a little worried about the ruffles down the sleeve, thinking it would look like it was a bit too much when wearing it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. They blend in with the pattern and make the shirt so gorgeous.


I was wearing it on Wednesday and I was flooded with DM’s about it, so snag it now while you can. It’s available in sizes XS to L. It’s currently sold out in XL to XXXL. I’m also going to link a few other tops by The Pioneer Woman that are still available in the larger sizes if you want this type of blouse but need it in a bigger size.


One Dress in Two Prints Worn 2 Different Ways

This first dress, I got in two different prints, so you guys could see different versions of it. And different sizes. This first pink option of the dress I got a size medium and honestly it’s slightly too big. So I would actually recommend sizing down one in this dress unless you are very big busted then you might want to get your normal size. I will say however, the rib cage of the dress is super stretchy, so you really can’t go wrong with sizing down one because I believe it will stretch to fit whatever size bust you have. I love this version of the dress cause I feel like it’s perfect for Easter. I know that’s still a couple months away but it’s not a bad idea to prepare in advance and the fact that you can get this gorgeous dress for just $22.98 is an absolute steal.


I also love that it’s size inclusive. It comes in sizes XS to XXXL. And I love love love the full sleeve because it covers my arms. And I know a lot of people can be self-conscious in things that are sleeveless, so I just think this is such a beautiful option for a dress this spring. And it looks so cute with sneakers which is a huge bonus.

This next print of the dress I got in a small and it fits me perfectly. It’s so flattering and beautiful and I’m obsessed with it. Again under $23 which is amazing. And comes in size XS to XXL. This dress also comes in two other prints FYI, so definitely check out Walmart’s website to see the other prints.



And in this look, I wanted to show you guys the dress with boots just because it really is a perfect dress to transition from winter to spring. In the winter, I’d wear this with boots and a cardigan and then in the spring I would lose the cardigan and put on a pair of wedges or sandals. The dress is unbelievably flattering and you’re gonna love it! Could not recommend it more.

Spring Break Here We Come!

Here’s another dress, that is absolutely perfect to wear in the spring and summer and if you have any spring break trips coming up, it’d be great. We’re going to San Diego for spring break in a month and I plan on packing it because it’s so lightweight, pretty and flattering! I also think it looks just darling with sneakers so this is absolutely going in my suitcase. And I got a size medium, which is my normal size and it fits perfectly. Andthe dress is only $25. It comes in sizes XS to XXXL. It also comes in three other prints that are  gorgeous so definitely check them out. The blue mist pedal print might be my favorite. I don’t know how I missed it when I was buying this dress. But of course the pink one I’m wearing is gorgeous too!


Darling Little Dress

Here’s another darling dress. I honestly meant to buy this in the navy but I accidentally ordered it in white. I love the white and I think it’s absolutely stunning. Maybe my brain subconsciously got the white because we are actually planning a trip to Hawaii coming up for a work event. I know I’m soooo excited that I get to go for work. And it would just be such a great Hawaii dress. Or if you’re a bride and have any bridal showers and bridal events coming up it’d be so cute. And if white’s not your thing go with the prints or other colors that are available! This is one that I recommend sizing down in if you are in-between sizes or small chested. Big busted gals should be good with normal size!


Expensive Looking Dress

This last dress, I love for transitioning into the spring because it has long sleeves so it’s great for that transition but it’s also really lightweight, expensive-feeling material. It’s hard for me to even describe but I feel like this material belongs in a high-end store. The way it lays on my body just screams that it’s expensive even though it’s super affordable at only $19.98. That’s right. This dress is under $20 which is just crazy. You’re definitely going to need to steam or iron it when you get it. So make sure you do that.


It would be so perfect to wear with sneakers over a bathing suit on vacation or just running errands around town. I haven’t washed the dress yet, but I probably won’t put it in the dryer. I just feel like the material is so beautiful and I don’t wanna mess with that, so I’ll probably lay it flat to dry.


A Few More Tops

Can you believe I’m not done yet. These next two tops I’m wearing with the same denim and white sneakers that I talked about above. The plaid top I think is just really cute and reminded me of like a cute little farm girl top or something. I feel like I’ll wear it this spring while gardening. It would even be a cute Fourth of July shirt with a red lip and cut off denim shorts.


This next top is so amazing. It’s under $19 but I feel like it looks so expensive. I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size and if it’s great. IT comes in sizes XS to XXXL. It also comes in a yellow striped print that I think is really beautiful.


I love this top because you can wear it with jeans and sneakers like I am here or you could pair it with a dress pant or midi skirt for more dressed up look. It’s just one of those really easy shirts to grab to look sort of put together because it has the beautiful, detailed sleeve. I love love love love it!


And the last top is a sweater that I adore. I kid you not I have the same exact sweater from Time and Tru at Walmart in like five different prints. They keep making the same sweater in different prints over the years and it’s so soft and so amazing that I keep buying them. If you tend to shop my affordable Friday posts a lot you might’ve bought one of these sweaters in the past, and I’m sure you love it because it fits great, is super affordable, and it’s so so so so so soft. I love the neutral colors of the striped one and it comes in sizes XS to XXXL. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size.

I will add a pic of the sweater today!


Cutest Lemon PJ’s

And last but not least are these super cute lemon pajamas. I mean truly how fun are they?! They come in a few other prints as well, but when I saw the lemons I fell in love! You can buy the top and bottom separately, so if you just wanna buy the bottoms, you can do that , but you could also buy them together and the price is pretty much the same. I’m gonna be 100% honest with you guys, the material is more like a button up dress shirt material than like a super stretchy cotton if that makes sense. But they’re comfy, super cute, and really affordable! I’m wearing a size medium in both the top and bottom, which are my normal sizes.


OK that’s it for me. I hope you guys love this affordable Friday as much as I do. I truly work so hard to make these the absolute best they can possibly be and share the most amazing affordable clothes with you guys so if you are enjoying these or have enjoyed them over the years, please do me a favor and like my post on Instagram. Even leave me a comment here. That stuff does matter, and it would mean so so so much to me and let me know that these are worth continuing to do because you guys love them. I hope you love them as much as I love making them! Have a great Friday and weekend. Love you guys.

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