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Capri Pants — 5 Adorable Capri Pants to Wear This Spring

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Capri Pants — 5 Adorable Capri Pants to Wear This Spring

At the first hint of spring warmth, we’re shopping capri pants. Not only are capris the gateway to skirts and shorts, they’re also the emblem of crisp, classy style — what’s good enough for Audrey, after all, is plenty posh for us, too.

Style aside, capris are also ultra-practical in the spring season. Pair them with a sweater early on, and then swap out the sweater for a cute tank as temperatures rise. As well, they’ll go with kitten heels, flat-soled sandals, and even your chunky loafers. Inspired? Read on for more ways to wear capri pants this spring.

6 capri pants for any occasion

1. Casual utility capri

For relaxed weekend days, look no further than Women’s Sonoma utility capri. They have a cargo pant vibe and rolled hem, perfect for wearing with flip-flops, Birkenstocks, or any casual sandal. A relaxed-fit t-shirt goes perfectly on top, but you could add a denim jacket or light moto if it’s chilly outside.

These capri pants are available at Kohl’s for a regular price of $36. Right now you can get them for $23.99 with code SHOP20.

2. High-waist stripe when you mean business

Model wears black top and striped capri pants.
This pant is available at Chico’s Off the Rack, on sale for $48.97 from $69.95. Source: Chico’s Off the Rack.

I adore these pants. High waist, slimming stripe, and shin-grazing hem make for a polished piece that’s super versatile. Try them with a tunic or tuck a lightweight blouse in to show off your waistline. Dress these capris up with a pretty piece of jewelry and a classy sandal and you’re ready to take on the world, stylishly of course.

This pant is available at Chico’s Off The Rack, on sale for $48.97 from $69.95.

3. Classic blue jean capri for work or play

Model wears white button-down top and medium wash denim capri pants.
This Gap pant is regularly priced at $69.95, so keep your eyes peeled for a sale. Source: Gap.

Clean lines and a classic denim blue color are the makings of a fashion workhorse. You’ll get tons of wear from these midrise jeans that aren’t too tight or too loose. Dress them up with a pretty sweater or dress them down with your Led Zeppelin t-shirt. Remember the belt and you’ll be on point either way.

This Gap capri is available in regular, tall, and petite sizes. The regular price is $69.95, so keep your eyes peeled for a sale.

4. Funky in floral to stand out

Embroidery detail is not as prevalent in fashion as it was a few years ago, but that makes it all the more special now. The flowers on the hips and shin set these capri pants apart from the rest — in a pretty, feminine kind of way. They’re sure to bring good vibes wherever you go.

I debated whether to include these here because they are low in stock at Macy’s. You’ll have to act fast to get your size. They’re regularly priced at $59.50 but marked down right now to $41.65.

Budget Fashionista Tip: Get coupon codes now with Capital One shopping. Here’s how.

5. Wide-legged chic

If you’re a purist, these aren’t capris exactly — culottes are the better descriptor — but who cares? They have that ankle-bearing hemline which is the capri’s most famous feature.

The wide-leg silhouette is worth a try, whether or not you wear straight-leg capris on the regular. It’s chic and flattering, similar to an A-line midi skirt. Pair it with a fitted top to balance out the fullness of the pant.

Get these wide-legged jeans at Zara for $45.90.

6. Statement-making set

Need an outfit that requires a bold approach? Here you are. Where to begin? The top is a crop with balloon sleeves and a deep V-neckline. And the bottoms have a wide leg and flattering belted waist. Both pieces are linen, in a bold chartreuse.

If we’re being honest, I don’t have an occasion on my calendar suitable for this outfit. But I would wear them separately. Those lime green pants, for example, would look amazing with a simple white t-shirt. And the green top would go perfectly with high-waist jeans.

Given that the set is nicely priced at $24 for both pieces, I’m into it. Shop the set at Boohoo.

Capri pants FAQs

What are capris exactly?

Technically, the capri is a slim pant that ends at or above your ankle. Retailer Anthony’s reports that capris first became a thin on the Italian isle of Capri. The heat of that climate encouraged women and men to show a little more skin. In those days, the only acceptable option was to reveal the top of the foot and just a hint of ankle.
Capris earned their moment in the U.S. spotlight when Audrey Hepburn started wearing them in the 1950s. Since then, the crisp, ankle-grazing silhouette has become a fashion classic.

Do capris have to be slim?

In the traditional sense, a capri is a slim pant. But in modern times, “wide-legged capris” are a thing. This is a welcome upgrade, too. Some of the more elegant interpretations of the short pant have either wide, flowing legs or wide, denim legs.

What’s the right length for a capri?

Again, there is a mismatch between the traditional capri and the modern one. Traditionally, the capri landed at the ankle — a la Audrey Hepburn. Today, there is far more variation. Capris can be any length that’s below the knee or above the ankle.
The length that’s right for you depends on your shape and proportions. For example, if you have long legs and a short body, a slimmer, shorter capri will balance you better than a longer, wide-legged capri.

Can I wear capris to work?

Yes, you can absolutely wear capris to work. Try a crisp, black capri pant, lightweight feminine blouse, conservative belt, and loafer. You can add a blazer, too.

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