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Buy Keith Richards a Birthday Card

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Buy Keith Richards a Birthday Card

I was sorting some laundry today and the date on the back of a t-shirt jumped out at me.

Wait! December 13, 2012?!

I thought, “OMG! Did I see the Rolling Stones exactly 10 years ago today?!”

Here’s the front of the shirt.

I quickly turned to my #1 source for personal memories — this blog — only to discover that I went to the December 8, 2012, concert instead.

Click for my original post from 2012.

Dang! You know I love an exact anniversary, and I was so close! On the bright side, rereading my 10-year-old post informed me that Keith Richards will turn SEVENTY-NINE this Sunday, December 18, so you still have a chance to buy him a birthday card. Not that I believe he’s that young, of course. I think it’s more likely that he was formed at the time of the Big Bang, but he politely uses numbers that us mere mortals can relate to.

The 2012 post also surprised and amused me with this sentence: “This September, I decided I wanted to have moves like Madonna when I’m 54 …” Ha! That age clearly seemed far away then but it’s here now — in fact, it’s almost gone — and while I still don’t have moves like EXACTLY like Madonna’s, I do have some new dance skills.

In 2012, I definitely wouldn’t have predicted I’d be pole dancing someday.

Shout-out to the Stones and my near-miss of a t-shirt anniversary for breaking my latest bout of blogger’s block. I figured I’d eventually get inspired to write one of the Very Important Posts that I’ve composed in my head, but instead I’m writing about laundry. Whatever works, right?

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