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Bombay Greens DIY Grow Kit, Planters Haul

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Bombay Greens DIY Grow Kit, Planters Haul

I love planting new greens in my house with something new every other season. Last year, I planted a beautiful Mango tree, Amrapali is the kind of mango it gives. Our garden is not very big, but it is full of different plants and trees, with many of them growing in planters. So, when Bombay Greens offered me a chance to try their products, I was super excited. If you are planning to try their products or need little gardening-inspired gift boxes, read till the end!

Trio Metal Pot – White with Gold Stand

Cost: Rs. 1699 but I got it for Rs. 799 at discount

Options available: This is also available in Black

My Thoughts

I got two of these trio sets in white and gold. It was really cute. The brand has provided measurements of each pot and stands on the product page so it was easy for me to choose. And these are pretty nice and big enough for small flower plants or microgreens. But I will plant succulents in them. There is no hole underneath these planters so you can either make one or put earthen pots with plants in them. The stand is also very sturdy and has a little weight to it. Balance is also nice in all the pots so they don’t fall when you pick it up. I think they are worth trying. 

3 in 1 Mini Gardening Tools Kit – (Set of 3)

Cost: Rs. 500 but It came free with the pack. It is priced at a discount right now at Rs. 199.

My Thoughts

This is the cutest gardening tool set I have seen. I thought it is so small, what will I even do with that. But boy oh boy it works! I used it in small pots and planters and works perfectly. The metal part is inserted into the wood so it tends to come off when you hit the hard part of the soil or the soil is too sticky. But it can be repaired with a pair of pliers. 

DIY Grow Kit: Pizza Kit – Italian Basil, Oregano, Red Cherry Tomatoes

Cost: Rs. 500 for each kit. I got it at a discount at Rs. 325

Options available: There are 9 kits available with flower fruit, vegetables, and microgreens options. 

My Thoughts

This kit comes with everything one needs to grow a healthy plant. There are three seedling pots, three types of seeds, 4 cocopeat discs, manure or organic plant food, plant tags and a guide. 

I had so much fun planting my little Italian pizza mafia garden. OMG! The process is pretty easy. I will post a DIY video as well on my Youtube Channel so you can watch it before doing it. 

Start by taking a large bowl, putting the cocopeat in it, and adding water to them. These cocopeat discs will enlarge in size as they absorb water. (super cute to watch them). you can add water gradually as needed. Once done, add the plant food to it and mix it well. Now fill the little pots just above halfway with the cocopeat mixture. Put the seeds in it carefully. They are small so make sure to do it with dry hands. Now add the remaining cocopeat mixture on top of the seeds and done! 

They gave these little ice cream scoop sticks for tagging them, so I removed the labels from seed packs and put them on these sticks. You can try that as well. 

A video review of this entire kit and a DIY video of grow kit is available on my youtube channel!

I will update you once they grow. Super excited to see little seedlings germinate. 

I find the whole DIY thing quite exciting about the brand. It makes me want to plant more and try more of their DIY kits. Since it comes with everything one needs to germinate and grow these seeds, it makes it all the more easy for anyone to try them. And they are great as a gift or party favour. If you are looking for a housewarming present, I think no other gift is better than this. 

So do try them! at least the Bombay Greens DIY kit, that is my favourite.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. 

Lots of Love!!!


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