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Betsey Johnson – The Fashiongton Post

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Betsey Johnson – The Fashiongton Post

Betsey Johnson (born August 10, 1942) is an American fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs.

Betsey was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She was educated at the Pratt Institute in New York and later, in 1964, at Syracuse University. After some time, the future famous fashion designer decided to finally work on her own, not depending on anyone, trying to realize the most ambitious plans.

Betsey Johnson biography

In the sixties, Betsey Johnson’s clothes were sold in the famous Paraphernalia store in New York. The clothes she created were absolutely shocking, the collections had absolutely everything — bright, amazing dresses for young people, jackets and striped trousers, motorcycle jackets and tiny miniskirts instantly turned the fashion designer into a famous person.

Later, she opened her own boutiques, which were very popular among fashionable youth. By the way, she also opened an excellent sportswear store.

Betsey Johnson biography

In the early 80s, Betsey Johnson became interested in the extremely fashionable disco style of that period of time. She created exceptionally colorful, attractive, mind-blowing and outrageous models. Currently, Betsy Johnson still follows the disco style she once loved, which undoubtedly brings her good luck.

Betsey Johnson biography

Models and style of clothes created by Betsey Johnson are quite difficult to describe in one word, as they simultaneously have extravagance, style, outrageousness and originality.

The designer’s shows are for the most part really enchanting: unique hairstyles, frankly open parts of the bodies of fashion models, an abundance of lurex, corsets, fishnet stockings, shiny pointy shoes of bright colors and many other peculiar components of Betsey Johnson’s fashionable clothes.

Betsey Johnson biography

In 2011, Betsey’s Spring/Summer runway fashion show generated a lot of buzz before it even started, due to the news that the models were going to come down the runway riding bicycles. However, this original idea was considered as too dangerous, so Betsey asked the model Kim Matulova to ride a skateboard while wearing open-toed high heels instead. She ended up falling on the runway and losing one of her shoes, having to carry the skateboard over her shoulder all the way back at the catwalk.

Betsey Johnson biography

In April of 2012, Betsey Johnson filed for a bankruptcy. Later on, in September of the same year, she celebrated 40 years of her brand with a retrospective fashion show, with a specially invited star, Cyndi Lauper.

As of May 2013, Johnson and her daughter Lulu Johnson have a reality TV show that airs on the Style Network.

Betsey Johnson biographyBetsey Johnson biographyBetsey Johnson biographyBetsey Johnson biographyBetsey Johnson biographyBetsey Johnson biographyBetsey Johnson biographyBetsey Johnson biography

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