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20+ Ideas To Enhance Their Performance

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20+ Ideas To Enhance Their Performance

Behind the success of your salon, there is a well-skilled team of employees full of dedication and discipline. As a business owner, it should be your responsibility that your salon staff motivation at the top of the priority list.

Motivating salon staff is important because it can lead to improved performance, increased job satisfaction, and a more positive work environment. Motivated staff are more likely to provide high-quality services to clients, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business. They are also more likely to be engaged in their work, which can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Additionally, the dedicated staff are more likely to stay with the salon, reducing the need for frequent staff turnover. Overall, it can have a positive impact on the overall success of the salon.

Though managing and motivating the entire team can be a little challenging, I can make it easy for you with the right ideas. Undoubtedly, these ideas will help to boost your staff motivation level, and thus their performance simultaneously.

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Why Is Salon Staff Motivation Important? 

You know that your proficient team is your valuable asset. They are the ones your loyal customers spend more time with and likely remember their services after every visit. 

Your strong staff plays a significant role in customer acquisition and retention. So, it is important to keep them motivated. A high motivation level in every employee means a great interest and enthusiasm in delivering good-quality services. As a result, it leads to the huge growth of the business. 

When your salon staff is motivated, you have:

  • Satisfied customers that received great customer service
  • Increased customer retention rate
  • A low staff turnover, which again means maintaining a huge crowd of clients
  • A massive business that encourages trust in your all potential salon team and loyal customers
  • More increased business revenue.

Now, I would like to uncover all the top ideas to motivate your employees. Let’s get started. 

Top Effective Ideas To Motivate Your Salon Staff

#1. Build A Strong Salon Culture

Build A Strong Salon Culture

I would like to know- when you will be asked to define your business in a few lines, what your thoughts will be. Well, most probably, the answer will include the qualities that your salon staff have. Just think about all the values you want your salon culture to inspire in your potential team. Those are trustworthiness, punctuality, compassion, and honesty.

All these values will help to build a positive work environment, leading to a strong salon culture. Consequently, the staff will wish to work with you. So, the best idea for the salon staff motivation is to provide them with a facility of breakroom with some convenience. They can use the space at lunch time or when there are no appointments, giving them a great opportunity to interact with each other. 

Offering the team such convenience can allow them to communicate their experience, give advice and share new strategies. These effective approaches can build an engaged salon culture, motivating the staff and enhancing their performance. 

#2. Maintain A Healthy Team Spirit 

Maintain A Healthy Team Spirit

Working in unity is the key to the successful growth of the business. You can maintain healthy competition among the entire team by giving incentives that will encourage them to reach their goals with more eagerness.

A good team spirit among the staff members will inspire them to make great efforts for outstanding performance. No doubt, it will keep the entire team motivated to reach their aim and provide the best services possible to the customers. 

Come up with the idea of rewarding the team by tracking their performance. You can use Salon software to empower your salon staff as it helps check the employees’ productivity based on sales done, attendance, and client preferences. Ensure that the entire team takes the competition seriously without affecting the team spirit. 

#3. Keep Your Team Engaged And Valued

Keep Your Team Engaged And Valued

To maintain the salon staff’s motivation, you need to assure great engagement and importance of each individual. Wondering how to do it? Well, I would like to suggest you to organize a meeting and involve them to set the business goals together. They will feel motivated and valued as well. 

Always take their opinions into consideration whenever you make any business decision. This is because your team is much more in contact with the customers than you. So, they know well what each customer needs. 

Keep in mind, when you involve your staff in making business decisions, they’re probably to show much interest and perform their job with much effort. Besides this, organizing a meeting and involving your employee in it is a great way to facilitate communication. Everyone can share their viewpoints for implementing any changes in the salon functions, leading to improved services.

#4. Provide Profit-Making Packages

Provide Profit-Making Packages

Always remember that a great lucrative package also counts in salon staff motivation ideas. Provide the right amount of salary. Never exploit any staff member. 

Offering a profitable package does not mean going blind and giving excessive money or less. Provide the exact salary that an individual deserves. 

So, the best idea to make sure the right amount of salary is to decide on various criteria. It includes years of experience, education, singly handed projects, previous work projects, targets achieved, and so on. This way, offer what you can afford to deserving employees. Hence, they will be motivated.

#5. Set An Open Door Policy

Setting an open door policy means letting the salon staff communicate with you without any hesitation. Many times, it is communication only that becomes the big barrier between the team and you. 

So, to get rid of this situation, keep an open door policy where every staff member has the right to have a conversation regarding any matter. It can be about anything they are feeling, disliking, or normal talk. 

The most useful idea is to allow them to use the salon booking software and schedule an appointment whenever they need to talk. Just hear them out with full attention and solve their issues. It will make them feel heard, provided with the right solution, and thus, motivated.

#6. Plan Team-Building Activities

Running a salon and spa business means you need a little different process of managing the staff. Each employee might work in shifts as they would have rented a booth in your salon. In this scenario, it can be challenging to keep the team motivated and even connected. 

The perfect solution to this problem is planning team-building activities. According to me, the best options are going for outings in a month and having dinner dates. You can even opt for some fun and entertaining games. 

Arrange these events in various locations as by doing this you can ensure different communication levels between the team, assuring good dynamics. When employees are connected and feel some sense of belonging in their working place, definitely it will be a great source of motivation for them. 

#7. Provide Stable Work Environment

Provide Stable Work Environment

A stable work environment is what every employee looks for. The business must be able to withstand any stress without undergoing any damage or loss. Hence, make sure your salon is well-advanced to solve the issues effortlessly and quickly.

So, for successful salon business management, you need the right approach for scheduling, marketing, and payroll. I recommend using Salonist software, equipped with all the features that will improve your employees productivity. Also, ensure whenever there are any repairs and maintenance issues, they should be scheduled and fixed immediately. 

Never cause inconvenience to the team as it can impact the effectiveness of their job which as a result can lead to poor productivity. Therefore, to improve the performance of the employees and make them feel motivated, let them take pride in working in a stable workplace. 

#8. Praise And Acknowledge Publicly

Praise And Acknowledge Publicly

A great salon staff motivation also comes with the acknowledgment of the team’s achievement. Do not wait for them to ask you. Whenever you find the best time, appreciate them for their performance publicly.

You can praise the employees during team meetings by awarding them “employee of the week”. Another best idea is taking the time out at the end of the day to thank and be grateful to them for their excellent job.

#9. Provide Professional Training

Praise And Acknowledge Publicly

You as a salon manager or owner can motivate your employees to enhance their skills to provide the best services. It is one of the most promising ways to increase the team’s encouragement. After all, they are working in the most dynamic and creative field. 

Your stylists might look for more new challenges when they feel no growth in their skills. This is the time your potential employees need professional training. Train them efficiently by hiring well-reputed experts and encourage them to attend the classes. 

#10. Evaluate The Performance Privately 

Evaluate The Performance Privately 

Do not post or announce the performance evaluation so that all can see and listen to it.  Just get access to every task the employees are performing on a regular basis privately by using salon software. Check the customer feedback, attendance targets achieved, etc. 

Doing it privately saves the staff members from embarrassment or feeling defensive. Make sure to have a constructive conversation. If there’re issues impacting any individual’s productivity like personal problems, or facing difficulty with challenging customers, it’s very important to hear them out. Work on them and provide the solution.

If you will have the conversation in front of the entire team, it can make an individual feel embarrassed, impacting their motivation level. 

#11. Review Customer Feedback

Review Customer Feedback

One of the simplest ideas to boost the salon staff’s motivation is reviewing the satisfied comments of the customers. Share or let your employee read the comment box using the salon software. This will help the team know where they perform well and how much they are appreciated.

Reading the positive feedback of the employees will certainly motivate them and enhance their performance.

#12. Celebrate Each Milestone With Your Staff

Just as you celebrate the success of each employee, you must also involve them when your salon business fulfills a great achievement. If it is a profitable day, week, month, or year, make sure they are equally aware of it. 

This is important because it can be very motivating news for the team to know their hard work is paying off. Just share the success with the entire salon staff as they are most liable for it. 

#13. Offer A Workplace That Promotes Creativity

A pleasant workspace influences the team’s every day work. Hence, make sure there are all the much-needed basics like a comfortable workstation, proper lighting, interior decor, and music. All these must be soothing for your hard-working employees. 

Having a systematically organized place with a clutter-free desk really contributes to increased salon staff motivation. When there is no mess around, it eases accessibility and improves productivity. The results of which will be employees with great focus and creative minds. 

Moreover, you can set the latest magazines in the reception areas to keep the staff updated with popular hairstyles or beauty products in the market. Definitely, the team will be enticed to experiment with many unique hairstyles. That’s a great benefit to your employees. 

#14. Show Good Leadership Skills

To maintain a strong salon team, good leadership skills are a must. Do not forget that all humans make mistakes and it is natural. So, give positive feedback even when it is a negative situation. 

Never lose your cool or talk in a bad attitude with your employees as it is contagious. Showing such body language plays a huge role in how your staff is perceiving you. It can impact their work which might lead to leaving the salon. So, be aware!

Demonstrating leadership skills is crucial for providing a positive workplace environment, which in turn motivates the employees.

#15. Perform Salon Staff Satisfaction Survey 

Perform Salon Staff Satisfaction Survey

Whenever you get something new in your salon or have started opting for some other approaches, perform a staff satisfaction survey. This will help to get feedback on how effectively everything is working. 

Create a satisfaction survey and let the employees answer it anonymously. Evaluating it will allow you to see the areas working smoothly and also which require more improvement. 

#16. Give Social Benefits

Provide opportunities for the staff to meet the professionals in the salon and spa industry. Do participate in the beauty events in your area so your staff members can become social with different talented experts. 

Good communication with others can allow your staff to learn more new things and share their experience as well. This will let them feel a part of a wide and innovative beauty community, thus increasing their motivation.

#17. Give A Career Path

Many employees leave their job as they start thinking that they have received what the job has to offer. If you give some career direction to them, they can feel motivated. 

So, understand each employee’s career goals, give mentorship opportunities, and upgrade their skills. This will retain the more satisfied and motivated staff. 

#18. Be A Dedicated Mentor

If you want your employees to do well at a certain level, just be a dedicated mentor. Do not just advise them, instead show them by setting yourself as an example. 

Implement salon rules fairly to every employee equally and ask them to treat each customer the way they want others to treat them. Push themselves to grow their potential so that they can stand by the salon’s expectations.

#19. Supply The Best Equipment

Supply The Best Equipment

Making it available for your employees will create your salon the most appealing and advanced place to work. So, do invest in high-quality equipment, impressing your stylists and making their job easier. 

#20. Share Responsibilities

Share the workload and cross-train your team. When you give responsibilities to your potential employees, you show trust in them. This is essential as it motivates the team and gives them a chance to shine more. 

This also makes them feel worthy of making a huge contribution to the business.

#21. Offer Perks

Offering perks like referral discounts, product discounts, coupons, etc. can play a big role in salon staff motivation level. Assuring such facilities will motivate the employees when they know it’s all because of the results of their efforts. 


This brings us to the most effective 20+ ideas for the salon staff motivation. The blog has covered all the pieces of advice from providing a strong salon culture to keeping the employees engaged and valued. 

I would like to highlight the fact that salon software like Salonist can better help your staff manage every work conveniently, improving their performance. Also, I assure you that if you consider these ideas and implement them efficiently, you’ll see your salon staff’s motivation level at a high point. 

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