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10 Things

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10 Things

It has been a minute since we’ve done a 10 things post! If you’re new here and not sure what this is, essentially it’s a random brain dump thing of the first 10 things that come to mind. 😂 Not even I know what’s going to show up in these posts before I sit down to write them! So, let’s do it!

…10 random things, ready, set, go!

  1. Lake house weekend with friends:

We’re heading up to Lake Geneva this weekend with friends (and kids!) and so excited! Fingers crossed the weather warms a bit more than what’s in the forecast, but either way, it’ll be a great time! It will be so fun to have all the babies together and the house we’re renting has a beautiful yard so I’m REALLY pulling for warm enough weather to play outside and go for long walks along the lake!

2. I decided to go for fake plants on the deck this year: We spent all last weekend bringing our outdoor spaces back to life, so I stopped by World Market and decided to buy some fake plants for the deck, seeing as I can’t manage to keep anything living for very long. 😂 This faux Fiddle Leaf Fig has exceeded my expectations! I was really impressed with their whole selection of faux plants!

3. Water table: 

Another purchase we made last week was a water table for June. After watching how much she has loved playing with them at friends houses I knew it was probably a smart idea. (She will play with it for HOURS). I decided on the Little Tikes folding version (can get it at Target and Amazon) so it would be easy to store and also to take with us to lake houses/trips with friends. So many of you commented that you own and love it too! Sadly as soon as we set it up it got cold again, so she’s only been able to play with it once, but it was a hit. We also purchased this fish tank pump for it too so it keeps the water running through the water fall the whole time she’s playing!

4. Travel plans:

Lots of travel coming up that I’m so excited about! In a couple weeks my sister and I are taking my nephew to NYC for his graduation present, and a couple weeks later, I’m going to Santa Barbara again this year with June to visit my aunt (my mom, other aunt, and cousin are coming too!) I’m really excited. I also get to see my best friend Michal!

In June, we just planned a girls trip to Napa with my two best friends (post college roommates) and a couple weeks after that I’m going home to visit family in Oregon. Then we’re hoping to plan our first Europe trip with June in August! (Thinking the Dolomites, but haven’t gotten any further than that in our planning.)

We are also planning to take June to Australia in December for Neal’s cousin Conor’s wedding (which I will admit is QUITE an undertaking and I’m wondering if we’re insane, but also leaving her to go across the world for 2+ weeks isn’t an option either!) I really need to start planning that. 😂

WHEW I’m tired just typing all of this but simultaneously so thrilled to have so much fun on the agenda.

5. New song obsession:

For country lovers–have you heard Kacey Musgrave’s version of Neon Moon? It’s so good. I’ve been working on learning it on the Ukulele and it’s been stuck on repeat in my head for probably the last 5 days straight. (If you play Ukulele or Guitar you can find the tabs here, btw!)

6. Parenting books bc were full swing into Toddlerhood:

June is in full swing toddlerhood now and while it’s by far the most fun stage of parenting so far, it’s also BY FAR the hardest. The tantrums and emotions are no joke. I feel like until this point, being a parent has really just meant keeping a baby alive and now we’re having to figure out how to be on the same page with how to handle/manage huge emotions, outbursts, discipline, figuring out our boundaries and limits and how to enforce them–and so many other things that we haven’t had to think about before!

That being said, I bought and furiously tore through two books one the past couple weeks: Hunt Gather Parent (which came highly recommended by you all and I can attest was so interesting and helpful) and Happiest Toddler on the Block. Both are very different yet share similar principles. If you’re also a toddler parent I highly recommend them both and found them to be fairly complimentary to one another.

7. Best Cold brew from Thrive Market

In my latest Thrive Market order I decided to try Wandering Bear Cold Brew. (In the past I’ve made my own but I haven’t had time to dig out my own cold brew pitcher or remembered to buy ground coffee to make it myself 😂) This one is SO GOOD. I don’t know that I can go back to anything else. I also love the easy pour spout for easy dispensing straight from the fridge. It’s the little things, really. BTW with my Thrive link you can get 30% off your first order. (You can also buy on Amazon!)

8. Wooden cupcake set for June

My MIL got this adorable wooden cupcake set for June for Easter and she is OBSESSED. It keeps her busy for a long time and is so cute, and doesn’t take up much space. If you’re looking for a little something for your toddler, this is a good set!

9. Daisy Jones & the Six obsession

We may be the final people to jump on the Daisy Jones bandwagon but just in case you haven’t watched it yet either–I can’t recommend it enough. It’s based on the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid (rumored to be loosely inspired by Fleetwood Mac) which I absolutely loved–but I read it years ago so I truthfully don’t remember exactly how close to the book it was. (I highly recommend the audiobook by the way, because its read by a cast and feels very “behind the music.”)

All I can say is that I thought the characters were cast very well and I thought they did an incredible job. We were both so sad when it was over, and the music was so good, too! You can watch it on Amazon.

10. You can listen to the Daisy Jones & the Six “Aurora” album on Spotify!!

Okay as we speak–I just figured out that they have all the songs from their “album” on Spotify (!!!) I’m so excited. I know what I’m listening to the rest of the day! 😂 Guess that’s one way to get Neon Moon out of my head.

That’s it! 10 things! Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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