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10 Powerful Tips for Healthy, Fabulous-Looking Hair All Year Round!

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10 Powerful Tips for Healthy, Fabulous-Looking Hair All Year Round!

Nobody, I mean nobody would love to look tacky and dirty, especially not the ladies. You see celebrities and ladies you view as classy and rich rock and flaunt their healthy-looking hair and you get jealous, feeling you can’t achieve such. Well, yes, celebrities invest a lot when it comes to their outlook.

Now the thing is, you can achieve healthy-looking hair with the right care. In this article, you’ll find easy-to-achieve tips for that glorious, beautiful hair that will elevate your look when you wear your natural hair out.

Below are 10 tips to help keep healthy hair:

1. Proper and Regular Washing of Your Hair

One thing is to wash your hair, another thing is to wash it properly, and another is to wash your hair properly and regularly. How frequently you wash your hair would depend on your hair type. However, washing your hair twice or thrice a week will guarantee your hair is clean of dirt and so much oil.

2. The Right Shampoo

Be mindful of the kind of shampoo you use for that beautiful crown on your head. Sulfate used to make the shampoo lather, can cause dryness, scalp irritation and potentially damage your hair. So, if it can be avoided, use sulfate-free shampoos.

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3. Condition Your Hair Properly

The conditioner is a sweetheart to the hair. They soften the hair and make it easy to style and wear. Conditioners keep the hair safe from the dangers of heat-styling and other factors that may potentially harm the hair, making it pertinent to get good quality hair conditioners and apply them properly. It is advised to apply conditioners on the tips of your hair, avoiding the scalp. This should be after washing off your shampoo. Rinse out the conditioner with cool water thoroughly, and there are leave-in conditioners too. You can apply leave-in conditioners on your hair, and comb and style your hair without washing off the conditioner.

4. Allow Your Hair to Dry

Yes, on its own, naturally. Blow drying your hair looks so cool and classy, but know this today — too much heat cause damage to the hair. So you can skip heating up that crown of yours and do that when you really need to style your hair, especially for occasions and any other public appearance. Just allow your hair dry naturally; give it towel-drying, then let the air do the rest. And while drying it with a towel, be very gentle with it.

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5. Use Wide-toothed Combs

This prevents your hair from damaging and shedding a lot. Use them gently, right after your hair has dried, to avoid so much breakage. Using narrow-toothed combs have a high possibility of dragging and pulling out the hair. 6. Oil and Massage Your HairMassaging the hair with oil improves the circulation of blood on the scalp. This also gives a relaxing effect and also helps in nourishing the hair. Oils like castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, et cetera are beneficial to the hair, so opt for them over chemicals.

7. Drink Enough Water

Water has no enemy they say, and your hair ain’t no enemies with water. Drinking water has a lot of benefits. To the hair, it ensures hydration which helps your hair grow beautifully and look healthy. Hydrating hair care products are lovely, but they can not take the place of natural water.

8. Eat Healthy Too

You hear this every single time, “You are what you eat“. Yes, you definitely are, and your hair will mirror what you put into your body as food. Your hair needs the right amount of nutrition to grow and look healthy and lush.

9. Eliminate Split Ends

Split ends cause a problem with hair growth and they happen when your hair gets damaged from a lot of factors which are not totally avoidable. Trimming the ends of the hair for 2-3 months will be beneficial to the health and growth of the hair.

10. Protect Your Hair From The Sun

We know how bad the sun is when we expose our skins too much to it. This is the same effect it will have on the hair when it is overly exposed to the sun. Too many sun rays dry up the moisture from the hair, leaving it dry and damaged as time goes by. To avoid this, make use of scarves, hats, and caps. And also, caps should be worn when you are out at the pool area, to protect your hair from chlorine which is present in most swimming pools.

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Extra tips:

  • Use head ties made of fabric instead of plastic to cover your hair.
  • Limit excessive pulling of the hair.
  • Limit the use of hair dyes and other hair treatments because of the chemicals present in them which may harm the hair.
  • Stress yourself less.
  • Wash your hair more with cool water, instead of warm or hot water.

Featured Image: Pexels

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