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10 Favorite Pieces of Green Clothing

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10 Favorite Pieces of Green Clothing

Green has been and always will be one of my favorite colors – not only in my closet but also in my home! I have often said that I feel like it is such a hard color to find. But, I am seeing more and more green hues across the board in 2023, which has me very excited. Just this week, Kate Spade announced that they have teamed up with Pantone to create the perfect green – Kate Spade Green! With this exciting announcement and my forever love of green, I decided it would be fun to throw together some green outfit ideas, including colors to pair with green and how to pull off a monochromatic look. I’m also going to share ten of my current favorite pieces of green clothing so you can start mixing and matching this fun color right away!

How To Style A Green Outfit

Considering this is one of my favorite colors, it’s no surprise I love creating green outfits for every season. I have shared quite a few ways to wear this hue over the years. A few of my favorites include this green and brown outfit, this fun green spring outfit, and this green blazer and gingham pants outfit. With the new resort and spring arrivals popping up, you better believe I will be creating many more green looks in the near future!

Green Monochromatic Outfit Ideas

Okay, so the way I see it, there are two main ways to create a chic, creative green outfit – monochromatic or combining quirky color combinations. You know I love a matchy-matchy look and that also applies to color. So, unsurprisingly, I am a big fan of monochromatic dressing!

I think a head-to-toe green outfit is so chic and easy to put together. But, I realize if you don’t typically wear all one shade, a green monochromatic outfit might be a little daunting at first. Here’s my piece of advice – When it comes to monochromatic dressing, it is less about creating a look in the same exact shade of green, but rather mixing and matching green hues that compliment each other. I think the high and low of different shades creates more interest. Similarly, the more differentiated textures you can add, the better. Layering multiple shades of green in combination with various materials creates a richer look. Here are some green monochromatic outfit ideas for inspiration!

Color Combinations Using Green

As much as I love a monochromatic look, creating color combinations in my closet brings me JOY! While I tend to never rule any combination out (where’s the fun in that?) I do have a few favorite green color combinations. Here are some of my favorite colors to combine with green clothing pieces for a fresh spring look.

Green and Yellow Outfit Ideas

I feel that this is a seriously underutilized color combination, but it totally works! A green and yellow outfit creates a pretty, citrus feel that is perfect for spring. I actually first posted about this color combination way back in 2019 with this spring lemon and lime outfit. I think this combination feels just as fresh in 2023 as it did back then.

Green and Pink Outfit Ideas

Green and pink is a color combination that can sometimes feel a bit overused. Particularly, kelly green and bright pink outfits have become very popular – seen in floral prints, stripes, and solids. However, I love creating green and pink outfits that are a little more unexpected. My favorite way to do this is by mixing neon green with pastel pink. This green and pink winter outfit and this green and pink resort outfit are two examples. These different shades still create the classic color combination, but with a fun and modern vibe!

Green and Blue Outfit Ideas

Probably the easiest, yet most on-trend, color combination at the moment – green and blue. I actually wore this green and blue striped top just this week. It made the perfect starting point for creating a casual green and blue look. This green and blue winter outfit is another favorite. Again, for me, the key is finding fun shades of these hues that are a bit unanticipated. Apple green, turquoise blue, robin egg blue…there are so many interesting shades of these colors to play around with when brainstorming green outfit ideas!

10 Favorite Green Clothing Items

Are you ready to give these outfit ideas the green light? Maybe you’re looking for one special piece to start building a green-centric outfit. In order to get your creative thoughts flowing, I am going to share my ten favorite green clothing pieces that are available right now. Whether you live somewhere chilly or warm, there’s a little something for everyone (and every budget) in this roundup!

1. The Perfect Green Pencil Skirt

As I mentioned above, Kate Spade recently teamed up with Pantone to create Kate Spade Green – a celebration of their original signature hue from 1993. And of course, it is one of the most beautiful shades of green for spring! It reminds me of a field of grass or fresh-cut flowers. They currently have so many items in this new hue, but this green pencil skirt is by far my favorite. This piece is easy to dress up or dress down. Personally, I love a pencil skirt paired with sneakers and a striped tee! Looking for a green skirt outfit, but more in a mini mood? This green mini skirt is so cute (I love the gold buttons) and it’s currently 40% off!

2. Green Ballet Flats

The internet has been abuzz that ballet flats are back, but let’s be honest, they never really left! These ballet flats are the most interesting shade of green and the price is hard to beat. They would look great paired with cropped white denim and this cropped peacoat for a cute and casual green outfit. Looking for something a little different? These green velvet flats are so fun – I love the unexpected texture!

3. Le Specs Air Heart Green Sunglasses

It wouldn’t be a post on Atlantic-Pacific without talking about sunglasses! The finishing touch to any outfit is the sunnies. So, when I saw Le Specs had a limited edition green pair of Air Hearts (one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses), I had to include them! These would be so chic paired with this perfect green sundress and sandals. P.S. If you are a sunglass collector like me check out this pair, which is currently under $20!

4. A Wear Now Green Dress

Still in the throes of winter? Looking for a green clothing piece that can stand all on its own and be the outfit? This green maxi dress is just perfect! La DoubleJ creates such emotional, interesting prints and this dress is no exception. This colorful set, this black and white mini dress, and this jacquard set are a few more of my favorite La DoubleJ looks.

5. Resort-Ready Green Bag

I have been wearing this bag nonstop and I don’t plan on putting it down anytime soon. A more vibrant, light shade of green, this clutch is perfect for a day date or night on the town. It’s just the right amount of green to add a little “pop” to any outfit. I also love the pretty pearl closure, which makes it easy to pair with all my pearl jewels, including these affordable earrings!

6. A Chic Green Mule

I own this shoe in seven colors and I don’t regret it! The shade of green is such a great color, paving the way for chic and fun outfits. These shoes are also a great height to wear with a midi skirt or a pair of cropped denim. At under $50, these green mules look far more expensive than they are (and they come in 13 other colors as well!)

7. Oversized Green Outerwear

You know outerwear is the way to my heart, so I couldn’t do a roundup of my favorite green outfit ideas and not include some great coats. This oversized wool coat is a rich, deep hue of green, making it easy to wear with darker browns and black in the cooler months. If you are looking for something a little more fun and cropped, I would check out this green swing jacket and this green peacoat!

8. Green Statement Earrings

These earrings combine two of my favorite things: the color green and hearts! I bought these last year and was afraid I wouldn’t get much wear out of them, but boy I was wrong! They bring such a fun and feminine vibe to any green outfit and they ended up being one of my more-worn statement earrings in 2022. Paired with a green dress and sunglasses, they completed this all-green outfit perfectly. And if you aren’t much of an earring gal, no worries – they also come in a necklace!

9. An Everyday Tee

A striped tee is one of the clothing items I cannot live without. I’m currently loving this wide stripe boatneck tee – something about it feels so fresh. The combination of kelly green and light blue just screams spring and I’m here for it! If you’re looking to create an everyday green outfit, this is the perfect piece to start with. It would look great paired with these green sneakers or these classic white and green Vejas.

10. A Dress to Wow

This stunning green dress is ready for a vacation! The asymmetrical cutout is fresh and unique, the perfect combination! This shade would be so fun to style as a monochromatic green outfit – paired with green sandals and statement earrings. Additionally, it would also look great paired with shoes and accessories in simple shades of tan, brown, and raffia.

Green Outfit Ideas for 2023

So, what do you think? Are you green with envy for these fresh spring pieces? I hope you’re feeling inspired by these green outfit ideas and ready to put together something fun! Be sure to check back because I can promise you there will be more green clothing to come here on Atlantic-Pacific in 2023!

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