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What To Wear With Plaid Pants

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What To Wear With Plaid Pants

What To Wear With Plaid Pants

Chunky Sweater

Plaid instantly feels more like a fall print so I like to pair a plaid trouser with a cute chunky sweater.

Leather Jacket

To edge things up a bit, add a leather jacket to balance out a plaid pant that can feel a little more preppy.

Denim Jacket

Another go-to in my closet is my denim jacket. It gets so much use and for good reason. Pair an oversized denim jacket (a cropped but oversized would be great) with plaid trousers. This instantly dresses it all down and makes it feel a bit more casual and more like a fashion trend and not like you’re heading to the office.

Collared Pullover

At the moment, a collared pullover is a huge fashion trend. it’s a touch 70’s, a touch preppy, and when styled right it can feel very cool.

Sweater Tank

When styling a looser pant like a trouser, I like to do a more fitted top. Insert the sweater tank. My favorite piece in my closet for fall and easy layering. Pair this with a chunky sweater thrown over your shoulder or under a leather jacket.

Graphic T-Shirt

The juxtaposition of the preppy plaid pant and a graphic edgy tee is perfection. Use this as a layering piece under a jacket. Or wear as is for warmer days and pair with a sneaker.


A trouser paired with a sneaker is one of the best combinations right now. It helps to dress it down but still be on trend. I like a chunky Dad sneaker style or a sleek Veja. For a more cool girl vibe, try a Converse like a high top especially if it’s a slightly cropped pant!

High Heels

Dress up those plaid pants with a pair of heels. A simple high-heeled sandal or leather pumps work perfectly.


Try a bootie with your wide leg plaid trouser. Or if you want to try a fun style trend with a straight leg plaid pant, try them with a knee high boot. The slightly baggier pant tucked into a boot is a very cool trend to try. And if you’re doing a slightly cropped plaid trouser, you can do a Dr Marten or lug sole boot of sorts.

Crop Tops

Whether you do a true crop top with a little midriff showing, or a cropped sweater, either are great options! I really love something like this that I’ve worn before and love!


Complete your outfit with a third piece like a blazer. Instead of going all matchy matchy, try something different to contrast the outfit. Maybe a leather blazer or a silky one for a nicer outfit at night. You can totally add a matching blazer, but to make it feel less like you’re heading to the office, and more like a fashion statement, try more fashion forward cuts or other accessories to make it feel fresh.

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