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Trendspotting: Wedding Band Workshops | Jewelry

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Trendspotting: Wedding Band Workshops | Jewelry

Marriage band workshops are a rising pattern for 2023. To get the scoop, we asked jewellery teacher Julie Sanford to convey to us about the wedding day band workshops she teaches at her Studio JSD in Grand Haven, Michigan. Julie claims, “Making meaningful jewelry with couples committing to share their lives is an surprisingly particular and rewarding encounter.” She has been featuring Do-it-yourself marriage ring lessons for more than 10 several years.

Earlier mentioned: Handmade wedding bands from Studio JSD image courtesy of Studio JSD.

Ring creating workshops aren’t just for weddings: anniversaries and commitments are also common. In addition to finding out a new ability, this is a meaningful way to make a individual and unforgettable symbol of their future jointly. Most couples do not have any jewelry producing expertise, so they study all the measures to make their rings.

Embrace Your History

Invite your pupils to make their rings with new substance, repurposed jewelry, or a mix of the two. Julie advises, “Many couples use heirloom family jewelry to make their bands, utilizing steel and reminiscences from the previous to generate rings for their upcoming.” By repurposing steel and stones, they can honor cherished kinds although creating rings in their personal type.

A couple types their completed rings picture courtesy of Studio JSD.

Make It Personalized

Julie suggests, “We have been furnishing personal Wedding day Band Workshops for partners and men and women at Studio JSD for above ten a long time and in that time have designed some enjoyable, imaginative, and memorable rings.” Though partners normally make classic bands, with planning they can insert unique touches.

Include Key Messages

Just one of the most well known elements of Do-it-yourself marriage rings is customized engraving or stamping inside of the band. Some partners select their marriage ceremony day, coordinates where they satisfied, or an additional specific concept. This phrase or phrase adds an additional layer or indicating to their deeply symbolic rings.

A concluded established of Do it yourself wedding day rings photo courtesy of Studio JSD.

Marriage Band Workshops

We appreciate the marriage ring workshop for lots of good reasons, not the the very least of which is receiving new makers fascinated in making their individual jewelry. But over and above studying some new skills, it is a exclusive way to shell out a working day jointly generating major jewellery for your upcoming.

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