July 18, 2024


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Tips for Knotting Gemstones, Pearls and Coral Beads with Silk

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3. Ream the Beads

Depending on the stringing method and thread you choose, the first few and last few beads may need the hole to be large enough to accommodate two passes of thread. To enlarge the bead holes, use an automatic bead reamer with bits or tips coated with diamond dust. You can also ream any beads that have sharp edges.

Gemstone, pearl, and coral dust can be harmful to our health.  As you ream any bead, it is advisable to wear a safety mask and goggles, use proper ventilation, and submerge each bead in water as you work. Keeping the beads wet while drilling or reaming will help keep dust from becoming airborne and keep the beads cool, helping prevent cracks or fracture. You will also help prolong the life of your drill bit and any diamond coating.  Another step in preserving your gemstones and pearls is to use a slow, steady, and gentle touch.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Do a practice run on a length of silk, with or without needle. Thread on some of your chosen beads. Get comfortable with how to create that knot as close as possible to the bead with the tool you choose. Discover what length of thread you might need. Each knot takes up a fraction of thread but that adds up. Form each knot in the same direction. It’s a small matter, but all those knots look best if they are formed and laying in the same direction when placed against the beads.

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