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The Retail Year in Review 2022

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The Retail Year in Review 2022

Happy New Year! Did you miss us during this holiday season? We sure did! While 2023 is here and we are not ready to let 2022 go so fast. That’s why in our article we are going to focus on doing a recap of the most important changes and news in the retail industry in 2022. 

  • What happened in the industry?
  • How did Tokinomo evolve in 2022?
  • What were the biggest challenges in the retail industry last year?

Let’s discover all of them. 

Recap: The Retail industry in 2022

Recovering after the Pandemic: 2022 was a buffer year for retailers. The COVID-19 Pandemic impacted every industry in 2020 and 2021. After it was finally over and people were ready to go back to the stores, buy more, and enjoy their newly-regained “freedom”, another challenge was starting to arise: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

The war in Ukraine: This conflict impacted the global retail industry. First, energy prices rose and there was a lack of availability of raw materials and staple crops. This led to an increase in the cost of living for consumers worldwide. 

The rising inflation: For months we’ve been hearing about the rise in inflation. While the inflation rose to 11%, shoppers perceived it at about 22.8%. Of course, this has changed shoppers purchasing habits, as they are trying to save up more and only focus on essentials. 

Helping shoppers: One trend that retailers have started in 2022 is offering a helping hand to shoppers that want to save up more. Apart from their regular coupons and promotions, many retailers (Asda, Waitrose, Boots, etc.) created a new value range or extended their current one. They’ve included “essential” products at a smaller cost to provide an alternative to budget-restricted shoppers. 

Still spending. While you might think that these events could scare people away from spending more money, Black Friday 2022 sales show the contrary. BF online sales surpassed $9 billion in 2022. 

Stats to keep in mind: 2022 Edition

Shopper experience

  • 82% of consumers would share personal data for a better customer experience. (PwC)
  • 60% of consumers want easier access to self-service solutions. (American Express)
  • 57% of retail leaders plan to invest in shopper marketing & customer engagement. (Rethink Retail)
  • 50% of consumers expect personalized recommendations and marketing. (Content Stack)
  • 37% of consumers prefer technology to be integrated into their in-store journey. (Retail Technology Show)

In-store vs online

  • 72% of US holiday season sales are made in-store. (Bain & Company)
  • 73% of consumers prefer to purchase products in-store. (Hubspot)
  • 43% of hybrid grocery shoppers get better quality in-store than online. (GroceryDive)

Customer loyalty

  • 60% of customers are more loyal to retailers that offer home delivery and let them switch channels. (Adyen)
  • Almost 50% of shoppers would pay for premium loyalty programs. (Supermarket News)

Tokinomo in the spotlight

Most appreciated blog posts in 2022

10. Retail Predictions 2023: Expert round-up

The most praised article in 2022 was one of our expert round-ups. Thanks to retail influencers Carol Spieckerman, Jeff Sward, and Mike Anthony, you know what to expect in the upcoming months. Read their predictions and pieces of advice in the Retail Predictions expert round-up

9. Best Retail Marketing Books

Another great article that was appreciated by our audience focused on the Best Retail Marketing Books. In this article, you can find 7 of the best books that will shed some light on the most effective Retail Marketing strategies. 

8. Best Retail Podcasts

No time to read? We’ve got you covered! This list of best Retail Podcasts was another article that received a lot of attention and we know why. It contains 9+ retail podcasts from which you can learn actionable tips and tricks that will help you take your business to the next level. 

7. Future of Grocery Retail: Expert round-up

As expected, another expert round-up made its way into the most appreciated blog post top. In this expert round-up, you will find what retail influencers think about the Future of Grocery Retail

6. Generational Marketing

Gen Z, Millennials, Baby Boomers. Each generation comes with different preferences and shopping habits. In this article, we talked about the specifics of each generation and how you can market to every one of them. 

5. Shopper Profiles

Want to dig deeper? Another appreciated article from our blog focuses on shopper profiles. Discover what triggers each one of these shopper profiles. 

4. On-shelf Availability

What do shoppers hate to see when they step into your store? Empty shelves! In this popular article, we’ve talked more about on-shelf availability

3. Customer insights

One of the most important things when trying to sell a product is to know who your customers are. Discover more about your shoppers and learn what makes them shop more. Learn how to get insights from customers even in-store. 

2. Shopping centers as a Services

IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are pretty common terms nowadays. What about ScaaS (shopping centers-as-a-service)? In this interesting article, we talk more about this new trend.

1. Customer touchpoints

Lastly, another interesting article we’ve published in 2022 focussed on Customer touchpoints. Discover how to impress and engage customers at every touchpoint, from the online to the offline environment. 

Awards received by Tokinomo and partners in 2022

Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow is one of the most important marketing contests in Poland. Our partner, Sales Service, won the grand award for the best retail and shopper marketing campaign. The campaign for Ballentine’s Burbon Finish (Pernod Ricard) was the one that received the award. 

Creative Retail Awards

Creative Retail Awards is one of the most prestigious retail awards. It recognizes and rewards excellence in retail. Tokinomo was the only winner in two different categories ‘POP/POS Concept’ and ‘Innovative Display Product’ for the Maggi Singing Soup campaign (Nestle Bolivia). Our campaign competed with campaigns from well-known brands like Heineken, Chanel, and Microsoft.

POPAI Awards Paris

POPAI Awards Paris is recognized worldwide as the greatest showcase of achievements in point-of-sale marketing and innovation. Our partner, Redbox, won the silver award for a campaign for Finish (Reckitt Benckiser)

POPAI Awards Brazil

POPAI Awards Brazil has been celebrating the best and most innovative retail campaigns for over 20 years. Our partner in Brazil, Creative Display, won 1st place in the technological solutions category for a campaign implemented in Sacolão Da Santa supermarkets for Umai products.

La French Tech

La French Tech is France’s startup movement. It’s a worldwide community that supports French startups that bring innovation. Tokinomo, the in-store marketing startup received the Most Inventive Startup award.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE is a program that recognizes and praises fast-growing technology companies. This is the program’s 23rd edition in which it ranks 50 public and private tech companies. Tokinomo was named Impact Star in Romania. 

Best campaign implemented with Tokinomo in 2022

In 2022, all of the campaigns implemented with Tokinomo were creative and successful. However, we’d like to remind 4 of the best campaigns that were highly praised. 

Best Creative Concept

The best Creative Concept award goes to Creative Display Brazil for their Fanta Halloween campaign. Shoppers were amazed to see “spooky” Fanta cans moving in-store.

Best POP display integration

The award for best POP display integration goes to Spicy Malagueta Mozambique for their Heineken campaign. The implementation was beautiful and it attracted the attention of shoppers. 


Best WORLD CUP Execution 

The award for Best World Cup Execution goes to MPG Serbia for the Chipsy (Pepsico) campaign. Ready to score a goal? 

Best Product Launch 

Last but definitely not least, the best product launch award goes to Sales Service Poland for their Ballantine’s Wild activation. The beautifully displayed product grabbed the attention of customers in stores. 

Tokinomo all over the world

We couldn’t have done it without our trusted partners. In 2022, we’ve grown our partner “family” and more than 15 agencies, retailers, and advertising companies have put their trust in Tokinomo. 

At the moment, Tokinomo has over 50 partners all over the world! This was an important milestone and we’re glad to have crossed it in 2022. 

2023, we are ready for you!

After this refresher, we are ready to confidently step into 2023. It’s exciting to see what this new year has in store for the retail industry. If you are looking to create breathtaking campaigns in 2023, Tokinomo is here to help!

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