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The Chic, Comfy & Affordable Spring Outfit You Won’t Want To Take Off!

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The Chic, Comfy & Affordable Spring Outfit You Won’t Want To Take Off!

Affordable Spring Outfit

What do you get when you cross the softest gauzy button-down with a pair of pull-on, elastic waist, 100% cotton pants…with pockets?? Well, you get the ideal spring and summer outfit/uniform/momiform. And what we love best about this dreamy outfit is that it’s not only incredibly comfortable but also SO SO chic! AND the pieces work as beautifully together as they do on their own. This might just be our favorite For Less Friday yet!

In case you have spring shoes and outfits on the brain, you’ll want to check out this post next (some affordable options included!).

Gauzy cotton top and Gauzy cotton pants

Affordable Spring Outfit luxe vs for less


Gauzy Cotton Top for $69

If you’ve been following Erin for a while, no doubt you recognize this Rails Ellis gauze button-down. She’s had it for years and it’s incredibly versatile. It’s a pretty permanent fixture in Erin’s wardrobe for everyday and travel. It’s definitely worth the $168 investment. BUT, if you are looking for a look-a-like made of the same soft, lightweight, and cooling cotton fabric…look no further. This Z Supply top checks every box and is priced at $69! The primary difference between the two is the length. The Rails top (more of a tunic length) is about 2 1/2 inches longer than the Z Supply top. If you’re worried about either being too sheer, a tank, bralette or cami underneath will do the trick. Wear either with shorts, jeans, joggers, swimsuits, or… with the coordinating gauzy pants.

Gauzy Cotton Pants for $89

It could be challenging to describe a pair of pull-on, elastic waist pants as chic, but not impossible! Case in point, these delightful, lightweight pants by Rails and Z Supply. Both are 100% cotton and have a smocked elastic waistband. Both also have pockets! The Z Supply pants have a 30” inseam and the Rails pants have a 32” inseam which is why Erin is wearing them with a heeled wedge in the image above. Both are chic, both are the perfect material to travel with. And, both will keep you looking and feeling cool in warmer weather!

Affordable Chic Wedges

The Veronica Beard wedges Erin is wearing on the left sold out in a hot minute last summer and are now currently re-stocked. So, if you missed them and wanted them, now would be the time to scoop them up! The affordable version by Kaanas on the right are a jute material and have a similar heel height (about 2 ½ inches). They also have a padded footbed (score!) and covered heel which is a nice, elevated detail. These are going quickly so if you don’t see your size, these and these are similar options under $65 you can try. You can swap out the heels for flat sandals or sneakers and dial up or minimize the jewelry depending on how dressy or casual you want to look.

Where could you see yourself wearing this chic summer outfit? A cruise? Out to lunch? Summer BBQ? We’d love to hear your inspired ideas so please share in the comments!

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