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stud earrings under $100 from Tai Jewelry.

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stud earrings under 0 from Tai Jewelry.

Fun stud earrings are a daily staple for me – they’re subtle enough to throw on for any occasion but can still pack a serious style punch. I recently discovered Tai Jewelry’s demi-fine stud collection and I liked them so much that I knew I needed to share them with you!

We haven’t done a Treat Yourself post in a while, so as a reminder: Treat Yourself is my series dedicated to jewelry under $300. Because museum-quality jewelry is fun to look at, but sometimes you want something that you can just snap up without needing to worry about your rent.

Stud earrings by Tai Jewelry Four rows of stud earrings.

Standout stud earrings are something I’m always on the lookout for and I came across Tai Jewelry’s current selection of studs while looking for holiday gifts for my sister at the end of last year. Tai Jewelry offers both demi-fine and fine jewelry, but my only experience is with their wonderfully affordable demi-fine jewelry, so that’s where we’re focusing today.

I love the variety of stud earrings that Tai Jewelry offers. There are plenty in neutral colors, but some more statement shades as well. There are abstract designs and cute figural representations of watermelons or champagne glasses. There are tiny little studs and ones large enough to have major 1980’s vibes.

Spectacular stud earrings by Tai Jewelry

Tai Jewelry’s stud earrings were SO cute online…could they live up to it in person? Not all demi-fine jewelry is created equally and my sister and I both have sensitive ears, so we both need our earrings to meet a certain standard of quality to avoid itchy red lobes. I decided to chance it, so I ordered some stud earrings to gift to my sister and one pair for myself.

To my delight, the Tai Jewelry studs were even more fantastic IRL than I’d imagined. They looked wonderful right out of the package and they felt even better. They even passed the sensitive skin test: my sister and I can both wear Tai Jewelry’s stud earrings with no discomfort.

Standout stud earrings by Tai Jewelry

And the best part: all of these pretty little things are under $100 and many are under $50! So go forth and treat yourself to some fun stud earrings, my darlings. You deserve it.

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Images c/o Tai Jewelry.

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