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MAC Unsung Heroes: Texture Eyeshadow

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MAC Unsung Heroes: Texture Eyeshadow
mac texture
Get into thy crease, stat.

MAC Texture is however just one of my preferred neutrals to pop in the crease! Joyful Friday!

These days, on the MAC Finest Brown Crease Shade Hits Tour (Geez, that would be a quite certain tour, would not it?! Hahaha! Never ever mind me as I crack myself up in the corner.), we stop by MAC Texture Eye Shadow.

Ooh, Texture! We’ve talked about/drooled above quite a few of my all-time favorite MAC brown crease hues over the past few months, like Swiss Chocolate and Saddle.


And I could not neglect about Texture. 🙂

It’s also a peachy brown, but it is lighter and much less orange than Saddle and darker than Soft Brown, and if you genuinely, seriously required to get technological, you could do Tender Brown as your first crease coloration, then Texture as your second coloration, and then Saddle as your 3rd.

But that’s only if you are in the mood to complicate points and thoroughly do all of the measures in your gradients.

mac texture swatch
An necessary MAC brown

What’s an unsung make-up hero? For me, it is an frequently underrated make-up morsel, a long lasting collection item that scoots underneath the radar monitor of many make-up enthusiasts but consistently rocks my entire world. The prolonged-functioning Unsung Heroes series options some of my favorites.

Texture isn’t only for peeps who want to invest two several hours on their eye make-up, even though. In fact, if you can not mix for sh*t and just want something simple, you need to have Texture in your life as a crease shade/transition shade, for the reason that despite the fact that it generally seems to be matte, it is technically a shimmer and has these tiny flecks of micro-glitter in the pan. Most of the time, those people flecks are imperceptible, but they aid to make Texture extremely straightforward to mix.

mac texture crease
Texture undertaking it is detail in my crease

For some explanation, shimmers are normally, constantly less complicated to blend than mattes (I’m guessing that it has to do with how the shiny bits glide throughout the surface area), so if you have tried using mattes in your crease but usually feel to conclusion up with choppy transitions, no make any difference what you do, Texture is the heal for your mixing ills.

And really don’t even get me started on all of the MAC colors it goes with due to the fact we’d be here until next calendar year. But for starters, you can pair it with Tender Brown, Saddle, Swiss Chocolate, Mulch, Sable, Bronze, Honey Lust, Twinks, Trax, All That Glitters, Teddy, Costa Riche…

It is terrific for newbies who want a one, sweet, simple-to-don brown that goes with almost all the things, and also for people who are diving deep into eye makeup and on the lookout for ways to up their gradient activity. I think it is a MAC will have to for all people.

The pan in my selection now is a refill, which sells for $6, but a pan with the black MAC packaging and a flip best goes for $18 in the lasting line.

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