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It Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow : Full Review with before & afters AND comparison with the other IT CC+ Creams!

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IT CC Nude Glow review and swatches

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IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow review.

I’ve been waiting for the IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow to launch here in the for SO long! It launched in America a fair while ago (early last year) and I knew it was one I wanted to try immediately…I’m such a fan of the original IT Cosmetics CC+ cream and I have tried all the different formulas over the years.

The It Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow is promises us a healthy glow, light-medium coverage and to brighten our skin over time and protect with SPF40. It’s the first CC cream to be formulated with 90% skin care ingredients. 

I have been using it now for around a month after purchasing it on Look Fantastic (it’s 20% off using my code -see below!) so I’m here now to give you the full IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow review : before and after pictures of my wearing it and the all important comparison compared to the other IT Cosmetics bases. 


IT CC Nude Glow review and swatches

The IT CC+ Nude Glow launched just a couple of months ago here in the UK. It is the newest foundation/base to launch from IT Cosmetics and there is currently 22 shades and it costs £33 for a 30ml tube. It is available to buy online at Boots and Look Fantastic. 

I saw my pal try it on one on Instagram and I loved the way it looked so I ordered it on LOOKFANTASTIC and it arrived the next day! I knew as soon as I applied it, that it was exactly what I had imagined it to be : it has a lovely lightweight, serum-like feel, it gives a lovely dewy (but not too much!) finish and a perfect second-skin light coverage. This is a PERFECT base for daytime wear, if you like a really light feel on your skin and you are happy with a lighter coverage in your foundations.

‘Laid-back makeup at it’s best.’

Unlike the Original IT CC cream, which is a medium-buildable-to-full-coverage foundation, the IT Cosmetics Nude Glow is a base that will only give you a light/medium coverage – you can’t build it up beyond that. If you want to amp up the coverage in areas then you just say over concealer strategically where you want. 

This is made up of a whopping 90% skin care ingredients : it contains hyaluronic acid, niacinimide and green tea extract. It feels like it too ; it has that lovely serum-like feel and when applying it, it doesn’t feel heavy or very makeup-ey. I apply the IT CC Nude Glow with fingertips as it’s just so easy to blend into the skin seamlessly. You can of course use a brush or sponge depending on your preference. 


It is a very glow-giving and hydrating base so it really is preference but on an oily skin this is going to not wear as well as the original ; You will need to get that powder on throughout the day : that’s a given. This foundation ideally will be suited from a combination down to a dry skin. I am oily/combination and I do really love it, I just know it will need more tweaking in the day than some more matte bases. If you want the skin to NOT look glowy or oily, then step away from this one and try the original IT CC cream or even the mattifying/oil-free formula in the green packaging. 


IT CC Nude Glow review and swatches IT CC Nude Glow review and swatches


The all-important try on! This is just so you can see it on me : no filters, no fancy lighting etc. I have a combination, open-pored, slightly weathered skin at 41 years! You can also see my You Tube video at the bottom of this post if you want to see it applied and tried on IRL.

From the before/after pictures, you should hopefully be able to see the lightweight and natural coverage that the IT CC Nude Glow will give you. It will tone down redness, lightly even out the skin and just give it that more polished look and feel. I admittedly look a but washed out because I photographed it *just* with the base before bronze/blush/highlight as I wanted to show you it as ‘bare’ as possible!

IT CC Nude Glow review and swatches IT CC Nude Glow review and swatches


They currently do 22 shades of the IT CC nude Glow. I usually go for shade ‘medium’ and that’s the shade I have in all my IT CC creams but after looking at swatches online I decided to got the the ‘Light Medium’ shade in the IT CC Nude Glow. I was really happy when it arrived as it’s literally a really good shade for me : it’s actually a little more nude-pink toned than the ‘medium’ and just seems to work perfectly on my skin at the moment. I also think this will see me through the summer months too. A thing to note about this CC cream in comparison to others ; it will stretch further over skin tones as it has less pigment in it that others, so possibly one you can use all year round with just one shade. 

Below are swatches of the IT CC Nude Glow in shade ‘Light Medium’ vs all other other IT CC+ Creams in shade ‘medium’.

IT CC nude glow light medium swatches IT CC medium swatches all formulas

The OG and best-seller and still a favourite of mine! It’s SUCH a beautiful base and every time I reach for it, I remember just how good it is. It’s a crowd-pleaser, it works on most skin types and there’s a reason why it’s such a cult makeup product. 

I find it gives a great, seamless and natural-looking coverage. It’s a medium-full coverage, but of course you can sheer this down on the skin if you wish but applying less product or mixing it in with a primer or moisturiser. It has SPF 50 protection and a wealth of skincare ingredients too. The difference between the original and the new IT CC+ Nude Glow is of course the amount of coverage, the finish (more glow on the nude glow), the SPF is slightly higher in the original (SPF50 vs SPF40) and the feel of them is different. The IT CC+ Nude Glow feels lightweight and serum-like, the IT CC+ Original feel like a thicker cream. 

Below is the IT CC+ Original on my skin before and after. 


it cc nude glow vs original it cc original review with photos


The green one (oil-free) and the soon-to-be-discontinued pink one (illuminating).

There really is an IT CC+ cream for all skin types and needs : aside from the best-selling original formula above (silver tube) they also do one for oily skin and magnifying (green tube) and a dewy glowy finish in the illuminating formula (the pink tube). Now just as a heads up, I have heard on pretty good authority that that illuminating version is to be discontinued soon and this year so do stock up if that’s your jam! 


I feel like the IT CC Nude Glow is coming in to replace the illuminating version – or at least they are kindddaa for the same consumer so there is not point in having both. The Illuminating is a heavier coverage than the IT CC Nude Glow, it is a medium coverage foundation, but it has MORE glow I think? HOWEVER the glow is almost and bordering on shimmery – hence why I don’t think it was as popular as it should/could have been. I am still a fan of it and I really enjoy the IT CC Illuminating, but the Nude Glow is definitely better imo. 

Here his how the IT CC+ Illuminating looks on me (below).

it cc illuminating review with photos it cc illuminating review with photos


The It CC+ Oil-Free Matte foundation is as expected, targeted towards those who have an oilier, breakout skin or those who simply prefer a matte coverage. This is the longest wearing of all the IT CC creams and in my opinion it gives the fullest coverage. This is the one that is the furthest away in terms of feel and finish from the new IT CC+ Nude Glow ; they are polar opposites. Coverage, feel, finish, wear…it’s a different ballgame. 

The IT CC+ Oil-free is probably my least-used if all the IT CC creams : it is too matte and flat for my preference and I always opt for a lightter-medium coverage if I can. However you may like this one, if you hare shine, find your skin still getting oily with the original formula and want a full coverage.

Here is how the IT CC+ Oil-free Matte pore minimising cream looks on me (below).

it cc oil free review with photos it cc oil free review with photos


We have to talk about this, no?!

Let me briefly explain…the IT CC+ creams all contain snail secretion which is quite random/ shocking to a lot of people. I didn’t believe it until I glanced down the ingredient list! So of course this is not a vegan-friendly formula. Snail secretion *is* used a fair amount in skincare, although it’s more niche than say, hyaluronic acid. Snail secretion as an ingredient in both skincare and makeup is used for its hydrating properties, it’s an antioxidant and a gentle exfoliant. It is more common in Korean skincare and something we are seeing more and more of in creams and products in the UK market at the moment. 

ANYWAY, the IT CC+ Nude Glow DOES contain snail secretion as the other CC creams.

which it cc cream is best for me

it cc comparison of all formulas IT CC Nude Glow review and swatches

So I hope that round up and review of the new IT CC+ Nude Glow was useful ! I , as you can probably tell, absolutely love it as a day-to-day glowy base. I would probably still opt for the original for events and evenings but they both have a place in my makeup bag. Let me know if you have tried it or if you have any other questions I haven’t answered. Also you can see my latest You Tube video below where I try on and compare the new IT CC+ Nude Glow vs the IT CC+ Original. This is good to watch if you want to see how it applies and looks in real time, no filters, no fancy lighting! Also, please remember to subscribe for weekly chats, reviews and fun!

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It Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow : Full Review with before & afters AND comparison with the other IT CC+ Creams!

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