July 12, 2024


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wide nightstands – we’re in search for a nice wide set of bedside tables that also serve as drawers for extra storage. I’m really hoping I can find something like this gorgeous example from across the pond. 

fluted side tables – I’ve seen a few of this sort of design online, often by expensive, Scandinavian designers – a hoorah for a highstreet alternative!

ceiling light fixture – an interesting take on a ceiling pendant.

linen bed frame – a large headboard to add presence amidst high ceilings.

fluted vase – this comes in an opaque white or transparent glass, it’s hard to choose which I prefer.

upholstered bench – we were looking into a small clothing rail to keep pjs and cushions off the floor but I rather like the idea of an end-of-bed ottoman.

rattan storage baskets – I loveee these with their leather handles. Perfect for storage in any room.

tureen – when do you seen tureens anymore? But I love it. I have a small collection from A de V and each piece is a delight.

rattan chair – I think the dark wood works so beautifully with the pale rattan.

dining chairs – I would usually express a strong dislike towards mid
century modern but having seen these chairs in person, they’re
comfortable, lightweight and seem to meld seamlessly into an interior. 

rattan tray – I’ve seen plenty a rattan tray about but particularly love the circular details woven into this one.

glasses – these crystal glasses are hand cut in Slovenia and I love the intricate design.

pepper mill – I’ve always wanted a brass pepper mill! I think it’s finally time.

gilded mirror – I’m perpetually torn between mirror styles I prefer. I saw this one with it’s simple curved, but not quite arched, top and fell in love.


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