May 29, 2024


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Hudsons Room Before & After!

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Hudsons Room Before & After!


I designed Hudsons nursery 7 years ago, when I was pregnant. It was orange, and fox themed, and so so cute! When we moved from our apartment into our current home, I shifted all of his furniture from one room into the other, and then as he got bigger, I used a lot fo quick fixes to make the space more functional. His toddler bed was from IKEA and we loved it, and the storage is IKEA as well. But over time, it started to feel like all of the quick fixes layered on top of one another looked not well thought out, and a bit messy. Every night I found myself cleaning up with not enough proper storage solutions, and I felt like his room didn’t have a proper theme. Once Charlie inherited his bed, I knew it was time to rethink the space!

Hudson said he wanted his room to be green, and he wanted a BIG BED. Those were his two big asks. I ended up opting for a full sized bed over a queen, since the square footage of his room is pretty small. I upgraded his dresser to a taller one, so he has more drawer space for clothing since his closet is tight. I also installed two Billy Bookcases to include more hidden storage for art supplies, toys, etc. I added a rug to the space, because beforehand he just had hardwood flooring. I really wanted him to have a spot to sit to read or work on lego, and when I found this floor couch, I knew it was just perfect.

Overall, the room feels a lot more cohesive, while still being extremely functional for him. I also love that he can grow with the space, and it feels like it will work until he’s much more grown! It still has something childlike about it, but ultimately can age well! He is so happy with how it turned out, and kept telling me how thankful he was when it was first done!

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