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How to create a 3D jewellery set

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How to create a 3D jewellery set

What you will need:

Conclusions – These can be distinctive based mostly on personalized preferences:


Star Collection just before polishing


  1. To start with you will need to observed/file the sprue off the sections
  2. You can pre buff/ pre polish the star parts which would make cleaning easier soon after soldering
  3. Working with buff sticks to buff again the forged finish likely from coarse to wonderful
  4. At the time you have bought to fine buff paper you can begin to polish using luxi compound –blue for to start with phase with the calico mop
  5. There are guide marks on the stage of the star pendant and earrings you want to solder leap rings to
  6. You can file soar rings with triangular file to give them an angle at the finishes so they sit flat towards the point of the star
  7. Use solder paste in which the guide marks are on the stars
  8. On the soldering block, drive the leap ring towards the stars information marks and use tweezers to keep the jump ring in put
  9. Utilizing the hand torch, heat up the sound star and the moment it is beginning to flip colour little by little transfer alongside to the leap ring so it receives to tempreture at very same time until finally the solder melts and joins the parts jointly
  10. Quench and put it in pickle, rinse soon after pickling to clean off acids.
  11. If you didn’t buff and pre polish earlier now you will require to buff back again the forged end and if you need to have to get rid of any additional solder
  12. Polish the piece working with luxi compound – blue for initial phase applying a calico mop
  13. Then polish with White luxi compound and a fluffy mop
  14. For your earrings you can open up up your ear wire and then shut it back collectively
  15. For the star pendant necklace, dependent on the bail you opt for you can either insert it specifically the the soar ring or if required you may perhaps will need to increase a further lesser leap ring ahead of the bail.
  16. Ultrasonic or clean off any residual polish and increase a chain to the pendant.
Completed Jewelry Set

Optional: you can either absolutely shut your conclusions by soldering them all through soldering action 9 or depart the results semi open up and just pushed together .

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