July 17, 2024


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How Do Ring Sizes Work: Easily Figure Out Your Ring Size

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  • Pick up a flexible tape measure and measure the inside circumference of her ring (in mm). Then you can convert that measurementto her ring size online (or let us know the mm measurement and we can do the work for you!)
  • Press the ring into a bar of soap and bring it to a jeweler. They can usually tell the size from those markings.
  • If you only have seconds to measure the ring because she almost never takes it off, slip it onto your finger and make a pen mark exactly where it fits you. Then, head to a jeweler and have them size that part of your finger.

Make a game of it

Say you heard that the size of her palm divided by three equals her ring finger size. Almost everyone feels the need to test these theories out! This might be a dead giveaway for some ladies and gents, but for those who love some trivia, they might not immediately suspect.

Send us a picture of her hands

Show us a picture where we can see her hands, and let us know her shoe size, height, weight, and whether she’s left or right handed, and we can guess her ring size for you!

Pick a ring that can be resized

To ease your mind, pick a ring that can be easily resized (most rings can be – confirm this with your jeweler). That way, it’s no big deal if you’re off by a bit. See more on resizing down below!

Pro-tip: lean towards larger rather than smaller – that proposal will be much sweeter if she can slide the ring on her finger and not have to stop at the knuckle!

Things to keep in mind when sizing

Time of Day

Our fingers tend to swell overnight, so it’s better to measure in the middle of the day. 

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