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Back to School – Retail Sales & Inventory Reporting

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Back to School – Retail Sales & Inventory Reporting

By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Options LLC

I a short while ago had the honor of lecturing at my alma mater, the College of Florida. We talked over the principles of retail analytics, the tools and roles of retail and wholesale stock planners. We talked about how merchandise conclusions are created to ideally make magic on the profits floor. But the magic does not usually take place.

A college student questioned what triggers a shop to have empty cabinets. That’s a total lecture in by itself. We talked about some of the motives- what can be controlled and what can not. They know what they examine- that the pandemic prompted havoc on the source chain. While that is true, there are lots of other brings about, specially now that the source chain is easing. We targeted on researching the mechanics of how out of stocks consequence in missing revenue. One of the studies I confirmed the inventory of an product by shop by week, highlighting when it was out of stock. Pupils speedily did the math to figure out how significantly income was currently being remaining on the desk.

Back to School – Retail Sales & Inventory Reporting

Observe inventory by sku by week by retail outlet to obtain outs and dropped option.

Predicting Out of Stocks

Although there are some stores whose philosophy is that they’d relatively be out of stock than mark down an product, the huge bulk do not want to be out of stock. Protecting against stock outs demands a lot of moving elements to sync harmoniously. There have to be a regular movement of inventory coming from the wholesale side with peaks and lulls taken into thought. The allocation system depends very considerably on the sophistication of the retailer. Some auto replenishment units simply adhere to a minimal amount, some increase charge of sale to that, but most are not sensible plenty of to prioritize retailers and merchandise that are out the most. And many really don’t insert back misplaced product sales, which signifies the full foundation for the forecast doesn’t reflect the true likely. Then there is the sheer volume of sku’s- thousands and thousands of sku-keep mixtures to handle.

Track Store Outs

Continue to keep monitor of the merchants or merchandise that are persistently out of inventory.


The best approach for keeping in inventory is VMI (Seller Managed Inventory) wherever the retailer employ’s their supplier’s resources to forecast and make certain shops stay in stock.  It in essence signifies these sku’s will have additional target on them than non-vendor managed objects. This target enables the supplier laser target on suppliers and sku’s that are most probable to go out of inventory, and beef them up.


Even with the finest of intentions, there may possibly not be adequate inventory or open to buy to allocate in the most effective method. Which is why documenting scenarios is essential. If you only have so numerous assets- which retailers or merchandise receives fed initial? What gets prioritized? Or does every retailer get a scaled-down amount? These might adjust dependent on the circumstance, but we advocate establishing a “play book” so there’s a plan in position.

Knowledge Science

It actually is not brain science. We have an abundance of experiences and devices that consistently analyze which objects and merchants are bought out- so that inventory can be prioritized to repair the issue. Based on a mix of details details- wholesale inventory move, historic retail outlet and product inventory outs, seasonality, promotions, etc., we use a few straightforward algorithms to do the perform. It does have to have impressive computing electric power to sift through tens of millions or billions of records of facts, so it is not for the faint at coronary heart.

I generally take pleasure in speaking to learners. At its coronary heart, ERS was established on education and learning- teaching suppliers to assume and act like shops. It has progressed into considerably a lot more above the very last 20 a long time, but training remains a main aim of our small business.

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