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A Guide To Stylish Ear Stacking

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A Guide To Stylish Ear Stacking

Ear stacking is a single of the latest fashion and accessory tendencies and is only established to become even extra well-known. Ear stacking is all about curating your have appear by combining unique earrings, such as hoops, huggies, studs and clickers to develop your have personalised earring type.

Usually worn on a person ear as a assertion, there are a lot of distinctive piercings that you can get as a way of customising and styling your ear stack and, when it comes to earrings, there is no stop to the distinct patterns and styles you can choose from and, with earring cuffs, you really don’t even require to get the piercings to make the most of this model traits.

Let’s choose a seem at a guide of how to build a fashionable ear stack and how to fashion from working day to working day.

Realizing The Distinctive Piercings

Ear sacks use various ear piercings to produce a personalized appear and, if you are on the lookout to develop your ear stack collection, you’re in all probability looking to include a pair of new piercings, but exactly where to start off? Let’s choose a look at some of the different piercings you can get to curate your own ear stack.


A lobe piercing is possibly the initial piercing you will get and, as the title suggests, the piercing will be on your lobe or even more up your lobe (for a 2nd or third piercing). Lobe piercings are 1 of the the very least distressing to get, which is why so lots of folks get started with this a single! Healing time for lobe piercings is all-around 4-8 weeks.

Higher Lobe

As perfectly as your ear lobe, you also have the higher lobe where by the lobe gets thinner and is accompanied with cartilage. Higher lobe piercings are commonly near to the edge and are not a vastly widespread piercing as earring choice is minimized because of to the positioning.


A helix piercing is found on the upper quadrant of the ear and is normally put rather close to the edge of your ear, where the ear results in a lip. The cartilage in this area is fairly slim, so the piercing can be reasonably pain-free when done with a needle, with the therapeutic time getting about 8-18 weeks.


Conch piercings are situated on the curved dome in your ear. Conch piercings are considered to be one of the far more agonizing piercings, but as the space is very huge, it appears wonderful when carrying conch jewelry as a statement addition to an ear stack. It can acquire involving 3-8 months for this piercing to mend.


A rook piercing is placed close to to the inner ridge of the ear cartilage, parallel with the outer ear rim. A rook piercing demands thick cartilage and can be a little bit more unpleasant, but delivers a large amount of choices when it arrives to styling. Healing time is all around 4-10 months.


A daith piercing hugs the cartilage on the inside of the ear and is very a difficult piercing thanks to the area. As daith cartilage thickness differs from person to individual, some individuals might uncover that they’re not acceptable for a daith piercing.

Mixing Two Metals

Normally, it was a large no-no when combining two different metals as section of your jewellery collection, but with ear stacks, you never have to adhere to just a person steel. Attempt mixing up gold and silver items to generate that additional glow and to create your have ear stacking model. If you are stacking some gold huggies in your lobe piercings, why not insert a sweet silver stud at the prime of your ear? Or, if you’re all about silver statement items, a pair of gold earring chains can really elevate your ear glance!

Earring Chains

Talking of earring chains, these assertion items are a new fashion staple when developing your quite possess ear stack. They are a have to have in any jewellery assortment, particularly if you are searching to produce an eye-catching stack. Mix earring chains with hoops, studs, huggies or even a further chain for a darin glance. Merely wear dangling in a single piercing, or snake by many piercings to incorporate an edgy extra.

The Day to day Stack

For an every day stack that is suited for perform, home or even just functioning errands, then you want to choose parts that are dainty and basic which will go with your search, no make a difference the outfit. For everyday stacks, you may possibly want to opt for earrings that are all a single steel so that it doesn’t deviate also significantly from your outfit option and select simple steel jewelry, with just 1 or two parts with a tiny colour or dazzle. Huggie hoop earrings, studs and flatbacks are fantastic alternatives for daily stacking earrings. Adhere to about 3-4 items and there you have it – the excellent daily stack!

Image by Daihana Monares on Unsplash.

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