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A Complete Guide To Repairing Damaged Nails

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A Complete Guide To Repairing Damaged Nails

Are your nails dry, brittle or cracked? There are different factors that lead to damaged nails, such as frequent gel manicures, so it’s important to give your nails some TLC. Fortunately, if your nails are damaged, there are still some steps you can take to bring them back to life.

To keep your nails in tip-top condition, follow these steps to help repair your nails in no time.

1. Apply a nail treatment


In between manicures, apply a nail treatment to help repair your nails and boost your overall nail health. We recommend the Back To Life Strengthening Nail Treatment and Base Coat from Nails.INC. This nail treatment hydrates, renews and repairs damaged nails, especially those damaged by gel manicures.

Featuring a patented formulation that’s powered by high levels of rich active oils, this nail treatment brings instant relief to damaged nails and can improve the quality of your nails in as little as 3 weeks, especially with consistent use.  It also gives your nails a soft tint of colour that helps your nails appear instantly healthier and refreshed.

2. Use cuticle oil


Using cuticle oil helps nourish your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails. It also strengthens your nails and helps protect them from further damage. In order to fully reap the benefits of cuticle oil, make sure to use it regularly and apply it at least twice a day.

3. Keep your hands moisturised


After applying your cuticle oil, use a hand cream to lock in moisture. Applying hand cream regularly keeps your hands protected throughout the day and conditions dry, cracked hands or nails.  

4. Avoid biting your nails


Do you have a bad habit of biting your nails? If you do, then this is your sign to quit that habit for good. Biting your nails can cause damage not only to your nails, but also to your teeth as constant nail biting could potentially chip or crack your teeth. To prevent biting your nails, keep your nails trimmed short. 

5. Add biotin-rich foods or supplements to your diet 


To further improve your nail health, you could take biotin supplements as these can help strengthen your nails and promote healthy nail growth. Consuming more biotin-rich foods in your diet, such as legumes, nuts, sweet potatoes or bananas, could also help boost nail growth. 

Written by: Romy Rose Reyes

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