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15 Best Key Chains For Men: Types and Accessories For Every Man 2022

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15 Best Key Chains For Men: Types and Accessories For Every Man 2022

Key chains are one of those things we love but don’t talk about much. I think it’s time to have that chat. When you’re in the market for a new piece of flair, you only want the best key chain. Whether you’re trying to look slick, find a great gift, or need a keychain to solve a problem, the options are out there and easily accessible.

Men’s key chains can be more useful than people give them credit for. Sure, grade schoolers litter their book bags with them, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a keychain that will fend off an attacker or open a beer after you’ve fended off an attacker. This probably won’t happen, but why not be prepared?

Key chains do so much now that it can be tough to find the best one for you. FashionBeans did all the legwork, so whatever type of key chain you’re looking for, there’s a solid chance you’ll find it in this guide.

In This Article The Best Keychains To Buy

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keys in with a key chain in an ignition
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Roderer Award Keychain

Material: Italian Leather | Colors Available: Black, Navy | Extra features: Attracts Admirers

When we look for the best key chain for men overall, it makes sense to find something anyone can appreciate. This minimalist Italian leather key chain from Roderer fits that bill perfectly. It has a distinguished look that sports a logo that fashionistas will recognize. Plus, it has a quality build to match.

It isn’t anything intricate, but it’s classy as hell. Even if they play it cool, onlookers will admire this key chain. So don’t be surprised if you see someone staring at your keys; they don’t want to steal your car, just your fashion sense. Bonus points for being a designer key chain you won’t need to sell your kidney to afford it.

Campbell Cole Key Chain

Material: Cotton Cord | Colors Available: Green, Navy | Extra features: Reminds you to lead with kindness

Whether this is a gift or something for yourself this is the best key chain with mindfulness in mind. The simple design makes it easy to spot your keys but not flashy enough there’s a neon sign over your keys.

Made of cotton cord with the promise of kindness, this key chain has the possibility of becoming a staple item in your life.

Mismo Key Chains

Material: leather, brass | Colors Available: brown | Extra features: long strap you can put around your wrist

Constantly scrambling around your bag for your keys? Maybe it’s time to find something to alleviate your fumbling. And while it can certainly be many things, why not find essentially a really long string? This one is great because it’s simple and effective, it won’t add much weight to your keys and it’s minimalistic enough that just about anyone can use it without much fuss.

Lexall Light Keychain

Material: Aluminum| Colors Available: Gray | Extra features: Flashlight

Shopping for the best key chain flashlight? Chances are you want to avoid anything bulky. You probably don’t need something that will light up the entire neighborhood, and you don’t want to blind anyone… Hopefully. Lexall definitely found the perfect middle ground between size and power with this key chain flashlight.

It’s no bigger than a typical flash drive (remember those?) but still packs a noteworthy 300 lumens. To put it in layman’s terms, it will light up your backyard but won’t burn out someone’s eyes like a beastly 1000-lumen Maglite. That means it’s great for walking to the car, taking the dog out, or navigating a dark house. Preferably your own house.

Belkin Air Tag Case Keychain

Material: Plastic| Colors Available: Black, Blue, White, Pink | Extra features: Phone Tracking

When your key chain is holding something as important as an Apple Air Tag, you’ll want a durable build. That’s why we went with Belkin for this one. Belkin’s been known to make some of the highest-quality accessories if you weren’t aware. Even keychains.

This key chain has a locking feature, so there’s no way your AirTag is falling out, and raised edges will keep it from getting scratched up if you drop it. It comes in a few distinct colors too. That way, you can match it to your personality or mood that day.

Birdie Alarm Keychain

Material: Stainless Steel | Colors Available: Black, Blue, Orange, Indigo, + | Extra features: Alarm, Strobe Light

Who cares if it’s marketed for women? When you need to make some noise, you want the best key chain with an alarm on the market. She’s Birdie (yes, that’s the brand name) managed to create just that in sleek key chain form. Now you can have a loud-ass alarm with you anywhere you take your keys. You could even stick it in your pocket separately, it won’t take up much space.

It comes in a fun flavor selection, too. It might not be the most classically “masculine” color, but what guy doesn’t love baby blue? Not many. Remember, this thing packs a serious screech. It won’t project toward you, but it’s still going to be as loud as hell. It just won’t sound like a fire truck like it does to everyone else. Don’t stress on that, though. Getting folks’ attention is kind of the point.

She’s Birdie also claims to donate 5% of their profits to women’s support groups, shelters, and other non-profits that help women in need. Those are causes 100% worth supporting.

Burberry Silver Plated Keychain

Material: Silver Plated Alloy | Colors Available: Silver | Extra features: Bottle Opener

Listen, we said it’s the best key chain that opens bottles, not that it’s the cheapest. You will spend over $300 on this little piece of silver, but it’s also the sexiest bottle opener I’ve ever seen. You’ve probably never called a bottle opener sexy, but that’s about to change.

You probably know about Burberry already, so it goes without saying this key chain is about as luxurious as a bottle opener gets. It’s made in Italy with sterling silver plated metal, and the heavy-duty lobster clasp will make sure this pricey, travel-friendly beer cracker never falls off of your key ring.

Vadaka BestFriend Keychain

Material: Stainless Steel | Colors Available: Silver | Extra features: Remembrance, Nostalgia

Best friend key chains are important to tons of people, regardless of gender. It might be a classically “feminine” practice, but I think it’s time to change. Besides, we all have best friends that end up leaving town, or we leave town ourselves. When change hits, it’s always nice to remember the times you had together.

The most lovable feature of this keychain is that it’s shaped like three interlocking puzzle pieces, while most BFF products have only two parts. Considering some people have more than one best friend, Vadaka tapped into a well-deserved demographic. Keep in mind if you only have one BFF, any two of these key chains will work just fine as a pair.

Statgear Ninja folding knife keychain

Material: Stainless Steel | Colors Available: Black, Brown | Extra features: A Freaking Ninja Sword

Not everyone wants a plain ol’ key chain knife. So here’s the best key chain knife for snazzier gents—the Pocket Ninja from StatGear. It isn’t just a fully functional pocket-sized knife, but it’s also a damn ninja sword. It sounds so cool you probably already bought it.

Guys have an unexplainable attraction to samurai swords. If you’re one of those guys, you know you can’t just bring your katana with you wherever you go. Well, now you can. Just keep in mind if you get arrested for dueling your nemesis at Starbucks, that’s on you.

Geeky MultiTool Keychain

Material: Stainless Steel | Colors Available: Black, Silver | Extra features: 16 Multitool Uses

The multitool has had a spot in the hearts of dads everywhere for a while now. At some point, most guys have been or will be gifted a swiss army knife or leatherman. Dads, uncles, and grandpas love handing them out and man-splaining them, but that’s because they’re great to have in a pinch.

The only problem is, now that we’re carrying mini-computers everywhere (i.e., smartphones), our pockets are more stuffed than ever. Between our keys, oversized phones, and wallets (unless you have a slim card holder), we have precious little hand space left. Especially you ham-handed guys.

This key-shaped multitool saves serious space and has an absurd amount of uses. A bottle opener, dual screwdrivers, wrench, and box opener (on top of a dozen other uses) should have you covered for whatever needs a quick fix. Or a quick smoke because this thing even works as a one-hitter pipe. Seriously.

Somgem Car Keychain

Material: Zinc Alloy | Colors Available: Gray | Extra features: Badass Car Shape, Flashlight (regular and strobe settings)

Sometimes you want something unique, and that’s where this car key chain comes in. I guarantee you won’t see many of these around. It’s got a flashlight built-in, so it’s not just a pretty face. This way, it can help you find the car while looking like a badass car itself.

If that doesn’t have you convinced, it has two flashlight modes; a regular light and a strobe light. Keep in mind that the strobe light won’t just turn your car into a mini rave, it’s a great help signal in emergencies.

Rei Carabiners Keychain

Material: Aluminum Alloy | Colors Available: Black, Brown | Extra features: You Can Legit Climb Mountains (and some other supplies)

If you’re picking up a carabiner to attach to your key ring, why not get a colorful six-pack? This pack of carabiners comes in some great colors, so you’ll always be able to wear a key chain that matches your outfit. The lightweight aluminum alloy will guarantee your pockets won’t be weighed down, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t crazy durable.

It might be made for mountain climbing, but you can stick these things to anything. REI has one of the best selections, so if you’re going to buy mountain climbing gear, you might as well get it from one of the climbing community’s favorite stops.

Inwech Retractable Keychain

Material: Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel Cord | Colors Available: Black | Extra features: Retractable

They don’t always look like the coolest accessory, but plenty of people have been swearing by retractable men’s key chains for years. This particular retractable key chain definitely looks awesome and works just as well.

The belt clip will keep your keys out of your pockets, so you can save a little space. We all know pocket space is a spiritual thing for guys. It’s a great gift, too; with the key chain, Grandpa will have more room for hard candies and clashing change.

Material: Steel Ball Bearing, Paracord | Colors Available: Black | Extra features: Destroys Attackers

The best key chains for self defense are also the most effective weapon you’ve never heard of: monkey fists and gorilla fists. It doesn’t take a lot of force for these savage little paracord creations to crack an attacker’s skull or orbital.

They may not look like much, but if you don’t believe me, check out some Youtube videos. These little badasses will blast right into a watermelon. The steel ball bearing in the middle may seem small, but this gorilla fist packs a serious punch. It doesn’t even take up that much pocket or belt bag space.

Just make sure it’s accessible when you really need it. If you can’t grab it fast in a pinch, it’s basically useless.

Balenciaga Logo Keychain

Material: Stainless Steel | Colors Available: Black, Brown | Extra features: Alarm, Bottle Opener

If you’re going to spend a few hundred dollars on the best key chain, why not make double sure people recognize it? This keychain by Balenciaga will definitely be noticed and looking at it, you can tell why. The huge logo embossed on quality Italian leather couldn’t be easier to read. Every time you bust out your key ring, people will take notice.

Balenciaga is one of the most well-known brands in the world, so folks will know you’re all about luxury. If you’ve never dropped jaws with men’s key chains, now’s your chance.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Key Chain For Men


Material is super important in a keychain purchase. You’re going to be touching it every time you grab your keys, so don’t buy a material you hate. Harder metal will always be better for things like mini multitools and knives, as well as key chains shaped like cars or puzzle pieces (you read the guide already, so you know what I mean).

Leather is great for looking distinguished and elegant. It’s always been good for that. It’s pleasing to touch too. If you want to be seen as a slick and dapper man, leather might be the way to go.

Plastics always work too, but if you need something seriously durable it’s usually better to get it with a metal or metal alloy. That said, plenty of plastics are hard enough to be usable.


Portability is obviously extremely important in a keychain purchase (unless you’re sporting a belt bag). If you’re sticking these key chains in your pocket, you should probably go with something smaller, so you don’t have chipmunk cheek pockets. Nobody likes that.


Make sure you pay attention to the features of these key chains. Some of the best men’s key chains are there for good looks alone. Others provide actual, real-world uses. Not that looking hot isn’t a use.

There are keychains that will skull-crack an attacker, open a bottle in style, or fix a bike. There are even key chains that will help you climb a damn mountain. That’s about as useful as it gets.

Statgear Ninja Folding Knife Key chain
statgear / instagram

Final Verdict 

The best key chain for men overall is Roderer’s smoking hot Award Circular Italian leather key chain. Fashionistas will fawn over Roderer’s flashy metallic crown logo that adorns the middle. The leather will also last a millennia (maybe).

If you want a key chain that will look hot in any situation and is versatile enough to look great with any outfit, Roderer is a good place to start.


    • The terms are usually interchangeable, but technically they’re different parts of a whole. The key ring is the actual metal ring you attach keys and key chains to. Key chains are the actual chain and whatever is connected to it (i.e., the items we went over in this guide.

      • The easiest answer is keys. Definitely keep keys on a key chain. Other than that, attach whatever you want to it. Key chains always add personality to a set of keys, so don’t be afraid to express yourself to the fullest.

        • Self defense keychains might not be guaranteed to save your life, but it’s good to have any weapon you can in a bad situation. What a self-defense key chain includes is different; some have sharp points you can punch with, and some you can swing and bludgeon an attacker.

          If you want, you can even buy straight up pepper-spray on a keychain (though I didn’t recommend it since it’s too easy to blast yourself along with the attacker). Then there are things like monkey fists you can bludgeon an attacker with.

          Like I said, these keychains won’t stop a bullet or teach you to box, but when things get dangerous you need all the help you can get.

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